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Mourning the Loss of a Trinity Student

The Trinity community suffered an unbearable loss this week in the death of student Cayley Mandadi. Mandadi, a sophomore from League City, died on Oct. 31.

“There are no words to adequately convey our deep sadness and dismay at the sudden loss of one so vibrant and vital to our community,” said Trinity President Danny Anderson in a campus-wide email to the community.

The incidents that led to Cayley’s death occurred off campus and outside San Antonio, and as a result, the University has few details on what happened. The Texas Rangers are investigating. “The University expects to be kept apprised of any information that is relevant to our own campus,” said Trinity University Police Department Chief Paul Chapa. “But authorities tell us they don’t believe there is any immediate threat.”

“Our main focus continues to be on honoring Cayley’s memory and supporting her family, friends, and classmates as we cope with this devastating loss,” Anderson said.

Cayley was a member of the Tiger cheerleading squad and Chi Beta Epsilon, one of Trinity’s local sororities.

Although authorities do not believe there is any immediate threat to the campus, TUPD has increased patrols and is encouraging students to be aware of their surroundings and to download a mobile phone app that provides a real-time connection to security officers and virtual escorts.

“We are here to support everyone affected by this tragic loss,” Anderson said.

Sharon Jones Schweitzer '75 helps tell Trinity's story as a contributor to the University communications team.

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