Megan Mustain, Valerie Schweers, and Corina Maeder pose together in front of Parker chapel
President Recognizes Excellence in Student Advocacy
Two Trinity employees receive an award for their dedication to student success

In May, President Emeritus Danny Anderson awarded two employees for their excellence in student advocacy. Established in 2018, the President's Award for Excellence in Student Advocacy recognizes a faculty or staff member who has been a significant partner in supporting student success both inside and outside the classroom. Eligible recipients include all Trinity University faculty and staff members, and awardees are chosen based on criteria including how they support student success in and/or outside the classroom and how they go beyond the typical responsibilities of their role.

Corina Maeder ’99, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry 

Corina Maeder approaches every student interaction with equal parts of kindness and thoughtfulness. In addition to an active undergraduate research program, she runs a Women in Science program, which brings about 50 female high school students to Trinity for a day of science exploration. There is now a summer research experience component for selected high school students to work with faculty on campus on original research projects. Within her discipline, Maeder has brought in external grants to support the work she and her students are doing. Her door is always open, and students genuinely feel welcome to step inside and engage in authentic conversation about what is on their hearts and minds. 

Valerie Schweers, Dean of Enrollment Strategy and Planning

Valerie Schweers provides exemplary leadership in the way she inspires focus, trusting relationships, accountability, and respect. She is known for her close work with a wide array of campus partners. Schweers thinks about the student experience when collaborating with other departments to make the Trinity student journey as smooth as possible. Recently, Schweers recognized a gap in the availability of critical information to staff and faculty working directly with students at Trinity. She found a solution to this problem in Slate, a software program used for enrollment, and took it upon herself to put a system in place that allows those who work with students to do so in an informed and focused manner. Schweers’ most recent project is a microcosm of her work over the years in her role at Trinity. 

Matilda Krell '23 helps tell Trinity's story as a writing intern for Trinity University Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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