ProtecTU HealthCheck Provides Daily COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring
Online questionnaire screens on-campus students, faculty, staff, and visitors
Friday, August 14, 2020
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Trinity’s back-to-campus plan for Fall 2020 involves an impressive array of measures to help stem the spread of COVID-19. From socially distanced classrooms and residence halls, to comprehensive testing and contact tracing, to the ProtecTU public health campaign, Trinity is taking significant steps to help ensure a healthy campus for those returning.

One of the key tools in its COVID-19 toolkit is the new ProtecTU HealthCheck, powered by Conversa. It’s a simple online questionnaire designed to preemptively screen on-campus students, faculty, staff, and visitors for symptoms or behavior that could indicate a COVID-19 risk.

“Using a daily symptom checker every morning is a great way for people to intentionally assess their own personal health,” says Tess Coody-Anders ‘93, Vice President for Strategic Communications and Marketing and a leader of Trinity’s “Nerve Center” for reopening campus. “It also gives Trinity’s health care professionals a macro look at any progression of the disease and provides a way to contact anyone who might be at risk.”

To access the app, simply text the word “Trinity” to 47225. Anyone planning to come on campus should complete the questionnaire prior to their visit. Users provide information like name, Trinity ID number, and any COVID-19 symptoms, travel, or social interaction that may be of concern. The process takes only a minute or so, and upon successful completion, the user receives a green entry pass. 

Watch the following video for a brief video demonstration of the ProtecTU HealthCheck.

qr code to access healthcheck

The ProtecTU HealthCheck app can also be accessed using the QR code to the left.

At times, campus personnel may ask students, faculty, staff, and visitors to display their green entry pass in places like the Bell Center or to enter classrooms or other buildings. If someone does not pass the screening, the app advises the user to stay home. They will be contacted by a member of Trinity’s medical staff or the COVID-19 Health Team that Trinity has engaged to help manage the virus on campus.

“In the event that someone fails the HealthCheck, it’s a way for us to get in touch with the individual to make a more thorough assessment and provide them with any help that they may need,” Coody-Anders says. “And if it’s necessary, medical staff can begin contacting anyone who might have been in close contact with a COVID-positive person.”

Even if a student or worker doesn’t plan to set foot on campus, the HealthCheck app asks if they have the necessary technology, tools, and resources to work or learn. It also asks if any resources provided by Trinity’s Student Success Center are needed, including Counseling or Health Services, Academic Support, or Student Accessibility Services.

“We want to make every effort to ensure our remote learners and workers have the tools they need to succeed,” Coody-Anders says. “Physical health is important, but this app also helps make certain that everyone gets the technological, academic, and emotional support they need during a very chaotic time.”

Ted Gartner '91 helps tell Trinity's story as a member of Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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