Remembering Leslie Brooks Hill
Longtime speech and drama professor died July 27
Thursday, August 12, 2021

Trinity University speech and drama professor Leslie Brooks Hill died on July 27, 2021. Hill joined Trinity University as chair of the speech and drama department (now human communication and theatre department) in 1988, teaching Tigers for a quarter of a century until his retirement in 2013.

Hill primarily taught public, intercultural, and international communication. He was a fervent advocate for literature and its impact on the stage and supported student actors, promoted facility expansion, and encouraged originality.

During his time at Trinity, Hill chaired the University Curriculum Council, acted as faculty sponsor of Lambda Pi Eta, and served in a variety of ways, including on the Academic Standing Committee and the United Way Coordinating Committee. 

Hill’s research and publications were extensive, including contributions to Cross-Cultural Communications and Aging in America, Air Force Utilization of Social Actions Personnel, Commander Utilization of the Information Officer, and Intercultural Understanding and Communication.

Hill was warmly beloved by faculty and students alike, with colleagues and alumni calling him a trusted adviser, a welcoming friend, a true gentleman, and “one who could hold a classroom of 30 undergraduates in the palm of his hand.”

“In class, he would talk and talk about something you'd think was a completely unrelated tangent, and the last few minutes of class, you'd suddenly realize everything he talked about tied in so perfectly with the day's lesson and you were learning so much the whole time,” one alumnus wrote.

Hill is survived by his wife of 59 years, Gloria; son, Randall Brooks Hill; daughter, Leslie Renee (Hill) Scott; and granddaughter, Toni Brooke (Scott) Love and husband, Andrew Love.

Molly Mohr Bruni is the managing editor for Trinity University Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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