Student Work Opportunities in the Time of COVID-19
Trinity partnering with local businesses affected by the pandemic through micro-internships during the summer
Tuesday, June 16, 2020
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Trinity University realizes the hardship that the coronavirus pandemic is putting on many businesses and is ready to help the community while also supporting students seeking virtual summer opportunities. The University is inviting businesses and nonprofits to partner with its students through summer “micro-internships,” or short-term projects that can be completed by students remotely.

Housed within the Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success (CELCS), TigerWorks launched two weeks ago, and opportunities are starting to pour in for Trinity students. Projects range from developing public service announcements, revising business plans, and creating marketing content, to website updates and development.

“TigerWorks is a creative approach to meeting the changing needs of organizations in our community while providing students with opportunities to continue their professional growth,” says Katie Ramirez, director of Career Services and co-director for CELCS. “It’s an especially great opportunity for the many small businesses and nonprofits throughout San Antonio, South Texas, and beyond to receive assistance from highly-talented Trinity University students.”

The aim of this program is to allow students whose summer internships were negatively impacted to continue to develop key skills and competencies with organizations that can use assistance, but who may not be in a position to hire part-time employees or interns for the summer. Because all projects must be remote, it removes geographic barriers for both organizations and students to participate.

Maranda Larsen, associate director for Career Services, emphasizes, “TigerWorks is Trinity University’s win-win response to the pandemic, meeting the needs of students whose internships were disrupted by COVID-19 and answering the call from businesses and nonprofit organizations who need assistance.”

For businesses and nonprofits looking to participate, members of the CELCS team are available to brainstorm about possible projects and parameters. Trinity is not charging any fees for this program, and all project proposals are submitted through a short form on the TigerWorks website.

“We know that for many organizations, full-length internships are not feasible this year, yet having help on a short-term project would be incredibly impactful,” Ramirez says. “Together, we can help address today’s needs while moving the entire community forward.”

For more information and to submit a project or view projects available, visit the TigerWorks website or email Maranda Larsen at

Carla Sierra is the public relations manager for Trinity University Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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