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Stumberg Competition
Trinity’s premiere startup pitch event rewards capital ideas

Data-driven dairy farming, tooth-cleaning gum, anti-overdose pill bottles, waterproof hammocks, and Spanish-language tax preparation software.

That’s just a taste of Trinity’s entrepreneurial spirit, driven by the Stumberg New Venture Competition. Founded in 2015, the annual, two-part contest aims to inspire innovation and prepare student leaders for real-world experiences.

After a seed round held each spring, a panel of contest judges choose five startup finalists to receive a $5,000 prize. These finalists also get a place in the summer accelerator program, which includes on-campus housing and funding for $10/hour pay for up to three student founders per team.

A rotating team of real-world judges helps hone down the Stumberg field.

These groups then hone their product over 10 40-hour work-weeks that summer, as well as through workshops with seasoned entrepreneurs who specialize in the areas the teams need to grow. These five teams then compete for the grand prize of $25,000 in the final round the following fall.

This high-stakes event is not without its share of drama: in 2018, a mysterious, last-minute infusion of seed money actually funded a second champion.

L. Herbert Stumberg ’81 remains a force behind the competition, named for his late father.

The Stumberg Competition honors the legacy of the late San Antonio businessman and civic leader Louis H. Stumberg. The event has provided more than $215,000 in seed money to fund 21 Stumberg startups so far, with 16 of these companies still active.

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