graduates from the Class of 2022 walk by their professors after the Commencement ceremony
Succeeding With a Passion
Trinity University students achieve 98% outcomes rate

Trinity University is thrilled to announce the graduating Class of 2022 has achieved a 98% positive outcomes rate.

That means within six months of graduating, 98% of undergraduates in the Class of 2022 were either employed, accepted to graduate school, or engaged in volunteer-oriented service.

"When people ask me how a positive outcomes rate like this is possible, I point them immediately to the resources we have for academic success, advising, and career placement," says Vanessa B. Beasley, Ph.D., Trinity University president. "Of course, part of the fabric of the education here is hands-on learning. When students are in interviews for jobs or for graduate schools, they can talk about the things they did themselves: the research they discovered, the problems they engaged with, the solutions they developed. This is the nature of a Trinity liberal arts education." 

And it’s all because Trinity University knows how important it is to celebrate every milestone on the academic journey: from declaring a major and conducting big-time research to spending a semester abroad and crossing the stage at commencement. And this University celebrates these achievements with a passion.

This passion shows up in moments big and small. This passion transcends disciplines, enriches groundbreaking hands-on opportunities, and flows through the lifelong ties that bind Tigers and their faculty mentors. 

Driven by this passion, Trinity students can use their degrees to do more than succeed: Tigers discover continually; they lead inclusively; and given the chance, they transform themselves and their world thoroughly.

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Jeremiah Gerlach is the brand journalist for Trinity University Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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