The Trinitonian
Campus newspaper chronicles life at Trinity for more than a century
Monday, July 15, 2019
Production begins on one of Trinity’s earliest Trinitonian editions

The beginning of the 20th century saw the dawning of the Golden Age of newspapers, with more than 20,000 in regular publication. In the absence of internet, television or even commercial radio, the printed word was the lifeblood for even the tiniest berg or hamlet. Ever in the vanguard, Trinity students reimagined the Trinitonian in 1915 from a monthly literary publication to a weekly newspaper. Each Tuesday, staffers kept Tigers informed of campus, local and world events and issues—with only brief lapses during WWI and the Great Depression, according to Trinity historian and author Douglas Brackenridge. 

Throughout the next 100 years, the Trinitonian would continue to be a force majeure on campus, covering—and sometimes causing—controversy, but always sparking conversation. Content included everything from etiquette (“Remember that the game is the thing, and that he who thinketh otherwise is a mucker and not true sportsman,”) to crime (Grissom Robbed in Office) and critical campus news (Division One Tennis Falls 24-Love). More recently, the Trinitonian made another leap—producing an online version that provides breaking news and updates between printed versions. From its location in the “basement” of the Coates Student Center, the Trinitonian has maintained its role as an award-winning, independent laboratory for young journalists from diverse majors. As one of the longest standing student-led organizations at Trinity, the Trinitonian is a common thread that links all Tigers across generations, capturing the critical moments in time that define each generation. 

LeeRoy Tiger is Trinity's lovable mascot, spreading #TigerPride wherever he goes.

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