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Trinity Achieves Record Outcome Rate
98% of Class of 2021 are employed, in graduate school, and more

Trinity University’s undergraduate Class of 2021 has achieved a 98% outcome rate—the highest in the University’s recorded history, according to Trinity’s Center for Experiential Learning and Career Services (CELCS).

This outcome rate, defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) as a "positive outcome rate," refers to student outcomes within six months of graduation, with outcomes including types of employment, continuing education, and military or volunteer service.

But in simpler terms? It means new Trinity graduates are busy making their mark in whatever path they choose, whether that be a new job, graduate school, a fellowship, and more.

In recent years, Trinity’s outcome rate has always surpassed the national average for bachelor degree graduates reported by NACE. NACE’s 2021 rate is still being calculated. 

Katie Ramirez, director of CELCS and Career Services, says that this trend and the record-breaking statistics are due to a number of factors, including the value of a liberal arts education, development of new employer pipelines by CELCS, and, specifically, a degree from Trinity. 

“Students come to Trinity for that holistic experience that permeates every aspect of their collegiate experience, and employers are noticing that,” she says. “One of the things we hear from employers all the time is that they can bring a Trinity student in, and as that company needs to pivot the Trinity student is able to respond. They’re able to problem solve, think creatively, and look at a situation from a lot of different perspectives.”

Since its creation six years ago, CELCS has gained resources and hustled to help students throughout their time at Trinity and beyond. “It doesn’t stop the day they cross the stage,” Ramirez says. From evaluating and networking with employers, to finding the right fit for students, to expanding alumni connections, the Career Services team is consistently working to ensure that Trinity is opening new pipelines and engaging with more employers on the national circuit. “We want to make good on Trinity’s promise that you’ll come to the University, you’ll have a great education experience, and we’ll help launch you into your future,” Ramirez says.

Students gain experience inside and outside of the classroom at Trinity, and CELCS helps provide opportunities to expand students' experiences while also helping students tell their stories. With the strong relationship building between students and their advisers and professors, they are able to apply work they do—gaining skills through internships, course projects, volunteer work, clubs and organizations, and leadership positions—in order to excel at their opportunities after graduation. Ramirez says that this outcome rate for the Class of 2021 speaks volumes about the strong community of support at the University and its dedication to student success.

Madeline Freeman '23 helps tell Trinity's story as a publications management and writing intern for Trinity University Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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