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Trinity Named a Top College in America by Princeton Review
University also part of “Best Value Colleges” and “Colleges That Create Futures” lists

Trinity University has been named in The Best 389 Colleges: 2024 Edition by The Princeton Review. Each year, The Princeton Review recognizes the nation’s best universities based on feedback from 165,000 college students across the country. The organization then publishes a list that recognizes these schools’ excellence in multiple categories, including financial aid, academics, and quality of life. 

In The Princeton Review, Trinity was ranked as one of the “Best Value Colleges,” “Best Southwest,” and “Colleges That Create Futures.” Trinity has consistently been placed on these lists, making it one of the best-ranked universities in the nation. 

The Princeton Review surveys college students from all of the top 389 schools that appear in the book, asking questions about various facets of the college experience, including their school's academics and administration, life at their college, and their fellow students. The Princeton Review then tallies these answers to their questions and decides which colleges will go on certain lists. 

“Since 1992, when we debuted our multiple ranking lists as an alternative to a single academics-only mega list, our mission has been to give students a more useful resource to find the best college for them,” says Rob Franek, editor-in-chief of The Princeton Review. “Our ranking lists, however, are not based on our opinions of the colleges. They’re entirely based on what the schools’ own students have told us about their experiences.”

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Students choose their college based on what they value most. And at Trinity University, what we value most is the total well-being and success of our students. 

At Trinity, Tigers are students, but they are also athletes, musicians, artists, activists, and more—they are young people forging bright futures. When a student says “yes” to Trinity, they are welcomed into a community committed to openness, authenticity, and Intentional Inclusion. And throughout our students’ whole college journeys, we provide them with the support resources they need in order to succeed—in whatever a successful outcome means to them personally.

Trinity University brings learning to life inside and outside of the classroom and after graduation—supporting, equipping, and emboldening graduates for lives of meaning and purpose.

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