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Trinity Partners With MANUAL
University launches access to a men’s health app

As a start to Trinity University’s new mental wellness initiative, the University’s partnership with MANUAL, an online wellness service targeted at improving men’s health, launched on September 1. This service provides men with several tools to optimize their mental health, sexual health, nutrition, fitness, and more. 

MANUAL's mission is to empower men with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about their health and lead fulfilling lives, particularly for young men resistant to support. 

Matthew Stefanko, CEO of MANUAL, emphasizes the importance of providing accessible and personalized healthcare services to college-aged men. “MANUAL enrollment is a promising avenue for improved health literacy in young men, especially about potentially taboo or sensitive topics, like erectile dysfunction; improved individual health, such as increasing healthy behaviors and decreasing mental distress; and improved student retention, especially the confidence to graduate from one’s current university and undergraduate intentions to complete higher degrees,” he says.

Trinity students will have access to the full suite of MANUAL’s services, including one-on-one text coaching, an online platform with over 20 hours of helpful videos, and livestreams hosted by health and wellness professionals. Students can sign up to use MANUAL at

“The reality is that the needs of young adults require multi-pronged approaches like the one now happening at Trinity University. A singular solution will not be enough. I applaud Danny Nguyen ’24 and the Student Government Association, in addition to Marlaina Widmann, MPH, CPH, and Marcy Youngdahl, M.D., for their leadership,” Stefanko says. “We look forward to working with Trinity University to meet young men where they are to help them thrive on campus and beyond.”

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