Trinity Rises to a New Stage in 2022
The University looks to a bright future, guided by an inspired past

Trinity University stepped onto a new, national stage in 2022.

We are now reclassified as a National Liberal Arts college, nationally-ranked (55 out of 210 national liberal arts colleges), sparked by the guidance of a new president, Vanessa Beasley, Ph.D., and home to over 600 new ambitious and talented Tigers.

Even though Trinity now stands on a new platform, we spent 2022 speaking as we always have, from the heart. Just as we said goodbye to our story-teller-in-chief, outgoing president Danny Anderson, Ph.D., and celebrated the commencement of our resilient and trial-tested Class of 2022, we also drew strength and inspiration from the generations of inspired hands and minds that have laid the foundation for the continued success before us.

This foundation, in many cases, is a literal one: We opened a new grand entrance to Trinity in Beneski Parkway, and then Dicke Hall, a sparkling, 40,000-square-foot facility dedicated to the innovation and timeless spirit of the humanities.

At Trinity, we are led beyond the conventional by an inexhaustible curiosity: a sense of perpetual discovery where no answer is too tough to question, and no question is too big to answer. We continued to break down silos and tread new ground through undergraduate research and hands-on opportunities across all disciplines.

We do not settle for textbook definitions of scholarship and achievement—we redefine the liberal arts. We strive for an inclusive excellence that wastes no potential and leaves no Tiger behind. In 2022, Trinity celebrated, for what seems like the first time in years, a full sense of togetherness and closeness in our classrooms, our athletic courts, and fields; our student orgs and affinity groups; and our very campus life, that can only come from being fully in person again.

We are connected to our community of supporters, and connected to our place in a vibrant city, not only by the legacy of what we have been, but also by a joint vision for what we now can be: a united force in motion. We are a University that imbues its people with an ability to perform and transform in unprecedented and unexpected ways. In 2022, we connected with the San Antonio community that envelops our campus, links us to the wide world and strengthens our experiences. We volunteered, we organized, and we made the types of differences that all Tigers come to One Trinity Place to make, regardless of background or beliefs.

Now that we’re on a stage where the lights are brighter, the stakes are higher, and our voices reach further, we know there’s no script for this type of moment. And at Trinity, that’s how we’ve always thrived.

Our stage is boundless. Our future is unscripted.

Now, watch us shine.


For 150 years, Trinity University has transformed challenge into boundless opportunity. Join the force in motion at

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