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Trinity University Community Rallies for Giving TUesday
Your gift makes a lasting impact on Trinity students—and yourself!

Giving TUesday is your chance to support Trinity students where they need it most: critical funds.

From technology and household essentials to scholarships benefiting a wide range of backgrounds, these funds are the easiest and most essential way for your generosity to make an immediate and lasting impact on students.

Consider giving to the following critical funds today:

The Trinity Fund brings the best and brightest students to Trinity, changing their lives and the communities they will change in return. Giving directly to student scholarships helps directly address the biggest financial needs of these students and guarantees access to a Trinity University education and a world-class experience.

The Skyline Scholars Fund brings first-generation and underrepresented students to campus for an early, successful transition to college life. More than 300 Scholars have completed this program, and data shows that Skyline Scholars often match or exceed their classmates’ academic performance.

First Generation Scholarship supports students who will become their family’s first college graduate. About 12% of Trinity undergraduates are first-generation students. These Tigers often need the most financial support, making access to scholarships especially critical. Bringing them to campus enriches our community through the diversity of experiences and culture they bring.

The Necessity Fund helps Tigers turn their residence hall into a home away from home, providing essentials to underrepresented socio-economic communities, such as toiletries, linens, and other items. Since 2019, the fund has provided assistance to about 350 students. Supporting the Necessity Fund creates a place where students feel safe, supported, and rejuvenated and where they can be happy at the end of a long day.

The Raymond Judd Student Emergency Fund has helped nearly 800 students with remote learning, housing, transportation, and basic needs stemming from unforeseen financial emergencies or catastrophic events over the past four years. One hundred percent of funds are available for current students or during the next step in their journey, post-graduation. Your gift can be the difference that eases these moments of crisis and helps Tigers focus on the path ahead.

When you support these critical funds and scholarships, you bring diverse and unique perspectives to campus. 

Take it straight from current students: Your support means everything!

Sameed Aijaz '26 portrait

Sameed Aijaz ’26

A biochemistry and molecular biology major on the pre-med track from San Antonio, Texas, Aijaz is a recipient of the Murchison Scholarship. He’s already making an impact on campus through numerous student organizations, community volunteer initiatives, and research opportunities.

 “I see college as a really pivotal point in your life, and I feel like it's a waste if you don't try and do as much as you can,” Aijaz says. “My scholarship was a big factor in coming to school here, and I respect anyone who is putting [their] money in the future to create change. I think it's a beautiful thing, and I thank anyone who donates.”

“I see college as a really pivotal point in your life. My scholarship was a big factor in coming to school here, and I respect anyone who is putting [their] money in the future to create change."

Lindsi Reyes '26 portrait

Lindsi Reyes ’26

An anthropology and global Latinx studies double major from Denver, Colorado, Reyes advocates for representation and inclusion on campus, has helped found a new Trinity sorority, and already has a Washington, D.C., internship under her belt. As she’s pursued her goals, she says Trinity has given her the support she needs to thrive.

“Being from out of state is pretty hard … but I think Trinity did such a good job of taking care of me. There are people who are here for you, and you can tell that they love what they're doing and that they're here to support you and help you be your best self. And [here], I have the resources and the spaces to do that,” Reyes says. “I do have financial aid for Trinity, and I'm also on a couple of scholarships. No matter what, I think Trinity will always make sure that their students get as much support as they need. There've been times when I've talked to admissions or financial aid, and they just make it work. I feel so privileged and grateful to be here because there are people that believe in me and that really want me to be here.”

Making a gift today to support Trinity University students like these goes beyond the material, like money and supplies: You’re also giving Tigers the gift of invaluable experiences, a powerful network, and immeasurable opportunity. And you’re giving yourself a gift, too, by strengthening the value of your degree: When new Tigers succeed and thrive, it pushes us all to new heights!

Our community is enriched when we support scholarships that bring diverse and unique perspectives to campus. Our degrees are strengthened when these students graduate and thrive in the workplace. And Trinity students, innovative, compassionate, and driven, make our world a better place in turn.

This Giving TUesday, make a smart gift: Strengthen student opportunities, and strengthen your world as well!

Giving TUesday: make a difference for students!



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