a collage of the book covers of the TU Press Selections for Spring 2023
Trinity University Press: Spring 2023 Selections
TU Press presents four of its recent publications

As you plan your summer reading, don't miss these four recent publications from Trinity University Press. Find more information on these books and more on TU Press' website.

Brackenridge: San Antonio’s Acclaimed Urban Park | Lewis F. Fisher

Extensively researched and illustrated with some 200 archival photographs and vintage postcards, Brackenridge: San Antonio’s Acclaimed Urban Park is the first comprehensive look at the fascinating story of this unique park and how its diverse layers evolved to create one of the city’s foremost gathering places.


Land of Women | María Sánchez | Translated by Curtis Bauer

A bestseller in Spain, Land of Women promises to ignite conversations about the treatment and perception of rural communities everywhere. Part memoir and part rural feminist manifesto, Sánchez’s book interweaves family stories of three generations with reflections on science and literature.



The Last Speaker of Bear: My Encounters in the North | Lawrence Millman

Lawrence Millman first visited Northern Canada as a child and has since journeyed on 35-some expeditions over four decades in search of undeveloped landscapes, traditional cultures, and wildlife. The Last Speaker of Bear is the patchwork story of a life spent traveling in the North from Alaska to Canada and Siberia.



Miraflores: San Antonio’s Mexican Garden of Memory | Anne Elise Urrutia

Aureliano Urrutia, a prominent physician in Mexico City, built Miraflores garden after immigrating to Texas during the Mexican Revolution. A man of science, Urrutia valued nature, art, literature, history, and community. Miraflores: San Antonio’s Mexican Garden of Memory recounts the garden’s history and celebrates the importance of the cultural, historical, and artistic meaning of a place.


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