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Trinity Women’s Athletics Book for Sale Now
Trinity University Press and Betsy Gerhardt Pasley '77 cover the legacy of women's sports at the University

The 2022-23 academic year marks the 50th anniversary of the Title IX legislation, 37 words that combat gender discrimination in all aspects of higher education and changed collegiate sports forever. To commemorate this anniversary and to reflect on the successes and challenges of Trinity’s women’s sports teams throughout the years, check out Trinity University Press’ From the Sidelines to the Headlines: The Legacy of Women’s Sports at Trinity University.  

From the Sidelines to the Headlines aims to fill in the gaps in coverage of half a century of women’s intercollegiate sports at Trinity. Former Trinity athlete Betsy Gerhardt Pasley ’77 and historian Doug Brackenridge, along with other members of the Trinity community, have collected hundreds of long-forgotten documents and conducted dozens of interviews with former students, coaches, and administrators to tell the fascinating, multifaceted story of women’s sports at this liberal arts school in San Antonio, Texas.

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This year, Trinity’s women’s sports teams magnified this legacy with nonstop success. From NCAA Championship appearances to individual honors for coaches and student-athletes, Trinity’s women’s sports teams dominated, demonstrating the lasting impact of Title IX. Read more about their successes here.

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