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Trinity’s 1869 Challenge Reaches New Heights in 2023
Trinity supporters surge to giving day records in support of students

Great things can start small.

Small decisions, like taking a moment out of our busy lives for philanthropy, or small acts, like making a gift that advances the causes we’re passionate about. 

As part of Trinity University’s 2023 1869 Challenge, our community of supporters strung these small successes together, again and again, until we built something truly impressive: a record-setting day of giving that is directly providing life-changing experiences and opportunities for the Tigers following in our footsteps.

One by one, alum by alum, friend by friend, family by family, the Trinity community united to meet the goal of 3,000 donors over 1,869 minutes. And gift by gift, act of kindness by act of kindness, our supporters swelled into a powerful force in motion, raising $1,208,066 from 3,593 donors.

To our entire community of support, Trinity says THANK YOU!

You’re invested in building up a Trinity that can continue to pair the intimate, personalized environment we all love with the opportunities of a larger school. And your support hits home on a personal level: giving to your alma mater strengthens the value of alumni degrees!

On the ground level, this support helped Trinity students meet almost every one of its matching challenges, which helped your generosity count for even more. From critical funds and scholarships to student orgs, athletics, Greek Life and more hands-on opportunities, your gifts are already opening doors of opportunity across campus.

Check out some of the top causes that our supporters united around:

Student Orgs

Prowlers Dance Team  

       114 donors

Greek Council

       110 donors

Trinity University Latino Association

       101 donors

Greek Life

Most Donors

   Spurs Sorority 

   110 donors

Highest Dollar Amount   

   Bengal Lancers Fraternity   



Unique Donors

   Swimming & Diving        

     251 donors

Top Dollar Amount Given



Alumni Participation Percentage   


     65 alumni donors

Academic Departments

Classical Studies

   108 donors

Sociology and Anthropology     

   82 donors


   61 donors

Reunion Class Challenge

Class of 2003  

   48 donors

Feel free to explore the rest of the challenge results at!

There, you can see the full outcome of a giving day surge that can only come from a determined, united group of supporters, acting TUgether to support students!

When our community acts in support of this cause, we’re acting because we want the best for future generations of Tigers: the best opportunities, the best outcomes, and the best success stories. 

When we give to support these goals, we are all connected to a legacy of support, philanthropy, and excellence that’s built to last.

United together, we are ONE TRINITY.

Jeremiah Gerlach is the brand journalist for Trinity University Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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