Trinity’s Most Diverse Class Yet
Class of 2024 one of the most academically strong and diverse classes in school history
Friday, October 2, 2020
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Largely due to the implementation of the Trinity Tomorrow Strategic Plan in 2013, Trinity has enrolled more impressive cohorts of students every year. The Class of 2024 is no exception. The University stands out this year for filling its class among a global pandemic–and one of the most diverse and academically selective ones in the school’s history.

Each year, Trinity aims to enroll approximately 640 new first-year students. Despite the many stressors brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Trinity managed to fill the Class of 2024. The total number of first-years enrolled this fall comes in at 634, while an additional 35  students deferred their enrollment for either spring 2021 or fall 2021. 

In comparison, many other colleges and universities failed to fill their first-year classes, as students were concerned about remote learning and leaving home in the midst of a pandemic. Approximately 20% of Harvard University’s first year class deferred enrollment, and, according to a recent survey by higher education research firm SimpsonScarborough, 40% of college first-years say they are likely to not attend college this fall at all. 

However, Trinity’s Office of Admissions worked hard this past spring to make sure Trinity’s enrollment numbers did not suffer this fall, even though campus shut down during one of the most important seasons for the team. “For us, March and April is our yield season,” explains Justin Doty, dean of Admissions. “We had to pivot everything to do virtual recruitment, which was challenging to say the least."

From virtual tours to online information sessions to Learning TUesdays, Trinity Admissions did its best to connect with prospective students virtually. "Personal recruitment became paramount,” Doty says. “We were doing everything we could to personalize that [admissions] experience."

COVID-19 also brought many additional challenges, as the abrupt onset of the pandemic brought economic and emotional troubles to prospective families."The mantra for our whole staff was flexibility. Knowing what high school seniors and their families were going through, we wanted to assist how we could,” Doty shares. “For us, another component was trying to assist as much as we could in financial aid, and working with families in any way to see if we could assist them."

Trinity raised its acceptance rate to 34%, up 5% from last year’s record-setting 29%. Following a national trend of students choosing a college within driving distance from their home, 80% of the Class of 2024 hails from Texas-up from the typical 70% in any one class. 

The Class of 2024 is quite impressive. It is one of the most diverse classes in the University’s history, with 44% identifying as members of underrepresented groups. Of that 44%, 23.8% identify as Latinx, 10.1% as Asian, 4.6% as Black, and 5.4% as multiracial. In addition, 1 in 5 first-years are attending Trinity on a Pell Grant, meaning they come from low-income households. This is a significant increase from last year’s class, in which approximately 12% of the class were Pell Grant recipients.

The Class of 2024 also impresses with its academic strength. With average SAT and ACT scores of 1344 and 30.5, respectively, the Class of 2024 has scores consistent with recent first-year classes. Further, the Class of 2024 has an average GPA of 3.68, and 77% of first-years were in the top 20% of their high school class.

"We were really happy with our numbers, but the composition of the class–that's where we got really excited, knowing it was the quality and the quantity we were looking for," Doty explains.

Trinity could not have attracted such an outstanding group of first years without the help of current students, faculty, and staff, who all worked to virtually share the Trinity experience with prospective students this spring. "The entire Trinity community came together to enroll this class,” Doty shares. “Our Trinity students, coaches, faculty, staff, and administration stepped up hugely to make that happen."

Let’s give a warm welcome to the Class of 2024!

Madison Semro '21 helps tell Trinity's story as a writing intern with Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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