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A Wolff and a Tiger
Student thrives in internships with FBI and Dell

In May, Allison Wolff ’20 will be the first person at Trinity to graduate with a double major in accounting and business analytics and technology (BAT). And with internships at Dell and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) already on her resume—and Ernst & Young nailed down for the summer—this Wolff is one accomplished Tiger. 

Students who major in BAT learn the technology and quantitative skills needed for the converging fields of information technology and business analytics. And because every company uses data, the opportunities post-graduation are endless—Tigers can take their skills and impact any field that piques their interest. Wolff is grateful for the encouragement her professors gave her to pursue a double major that would combine both her accounting and analytic skills and open doors for experiential learning opportunities even before she graduated. Wolff, armed with a unique mix of accounting and analytic skills, drew the attention of corporate sponsors at Trinity’s biannual Career Fair each year she attended.

“In my sophomore year, I met someone there from the FBI staff who actually encouraged me to apply,” Wolff recalls. “I had no idea that the FBI hired accountants, but sure enough, I applied and got it!” The following year, while helping a few friends navigate the Career Fair, she stopped to talk with some staff members from Dell. 

“I was getting really excited about a project I was working on and asked their advice about some things I could learn to better prepare me for the future,” Wolff recalls. “We had what I thought was a very casual and fun conversation, and before I left, they told me that I would have an offer letter in my inbox the next day! I had no idea I was being evaluated for an internship and had contemplated staying with the FBI, but based on that interaction at Career Fair, I moved to Austin to try something new.”

Allison Wolff with Starjjil Shelvin ’19 at Dell.

Trinity’s Career Services staff also helped Wolff prepare her resume for some key accounting interviews. 

“Accounting resumes are very specific,” she says. “They helped me make all the necessary changes. The process was easy and very informative.” 

More than 90 percent of accounting majors at Trinity typically serve paid internships with global public accounting firms, and this summer Wolff will become one of them. She applied to work for a ‘Big Four’ accounting firm, Ernst & Young, and has been invited to intern with them this summer. Afterward, she will continue coursework to earn a master’s degree in accounting from the University.

When she’s not crunching numbers or analyzing data, you’ll find Wolff singing in one of Trinity’s choirs, working on the yearbook, performing in a Momentum dance production, or supporting the transition of students and their families during orientation as part of the O-Team.

Collage of Allison Wolff doing extracurriculars

“During my time at Trinity, I've had the opportunity to explore passions both old and new,” Wolff says. “I've been a dancer for 15 years now, a member of various choirs for 10, and a photographer for as long as I can remember. Trinity has allowed me to continue these passions. However, I also love to learn new things and have taken up playing the bass drum in Stand Band, learning to boulder, and fundraising for nonprofits. These are things I never would have been involved in if I hadn't joined the supportive and enriching Trinity community.”

Margaret Miller helped tell Trinity's story as a member of the University communications team.

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