Program Objective

Increase research collaborations and outreach between world and African researchers in several areas of mathematics and science in general.


Student conducting science experiment in lab

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Event information coming soon!

  • At the present moment due to the pandemic, all the events will be held virtually.
  • However, as the situation eases up, we plan to have a combination of meetings physically and virtually.
  • We also seek sponsorship and donations from institutions and individuals who are interested in having this project come to fruition.


    • Conferences
    • Seminars
    • Colloquia
    • Workshops
    • Lectures series by Women in mathematics and Sciences
    • Training for Women in Sub-Saharan Africa

      Program Organizers

      Charles Chidume (PhD), AUST President, AUST, Abuja, Nigeria, Africa, email: cchidume@aust.edu.ng

      Geraldo de Souza (PhD-Professor Emeritus), Auburn University, Auburn, USA, email: desougs@auburn.edu

      Ngalla Djitte (PhD), Gaston Berger University, St Louis-Senegal, Africa, email: ngalla.djitte@ugb.edu.sn

      Ndiaye Mariama (PhD), Gaston Berger University, St Louis, Senegal, Africa, email: mndiak@yahoo.fr

      Ma'aruf Shehu Minjibir (PhD), Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria, Africa, email: mminjibir@aust.edu.ng

      Usman Bello (PhD), AUST, Abuja, Nigeria, Africa, email: uabdulmalik@aust.edu.ng

      Moustapha Sene (PhD), Gaston Berger University, St Louis, Senegal, Africa, email: moustapha2.sene@ugb.edu.sn

      Eddy Kwessi (PhD), Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, USA, email: ekwessi@trinity.edu


      Participating Institutions and Individuals

      Federal University of Piaui ( UFPi)-Graduate Program in Mathematics)

      Federal University of Goias (UFG) - (Graduate Program in Mathematics)

      Emerson Alexandre Lima (PhD)

      State University of Pernambuco (UPE), Recife, Brazil, email: eal@poli.br

      Basit Ali (PhD)

      University of Management and Technology, Lahore-Pakistan, email: basit.ali@umt.edu.pk


      Become a Sponsor

      We are currently seeking sponsors and donations from institutions and individuals who are interested in growing this program.

      To learn how you can become a sponsor reach out to Eddy Kwessi today!