Our Mission

​​​​The Student Government Association of Trinity University (SGA) serves as an organization of elected students which advocates for the development and advancement of student interests both inside and outside of the University community. We strive for transparency in all our actions and fiscal allocations while working to support the greatest diversity of ideas and activities pursued by the student body and its organizations.

We endeavor to cultivate and maintain positive and informed relationships between the students and the administration, faculty, and staff, ensuring that student interests are represented any time a policy or proposal affecting the student body is introduced.

2022 Group photo of Student Government Association
Get involved, get connected, and realize change. 

    Meet the Team

    SGA’s leadership consists of 8 student leaders who serve as the President, Vice-President, and Cabinet, as well as 2 staff advisors. Additionally, each class is represented by 5 senators. Together the students and staff work together to improve the lives of students and the community. SGA is the primary link between students, faculty, and administration. 

    Danny Nguyen '24



    President Danny Nguyen serves as the SGA president for the 2022-23 term. Danny is a junior from San Antonio, TX, and is a dual-degree student in Business Administration (with a concentration in Marketing) and Communication. In his role as President, Danny represents SGA’s interests and opinions to the students, administration, and faculty, manages the operations of SGA, and oversees projects and initiatives undertaken by SGA. Outside of SGA, you will find Danny giving tours, being involved in various clubs on campus, or having fun with friends in his hometown. Please feel free to reach out to Danny with any questions, concerns, or things you would like to see change on campus.

    Donya Ahmadi '23

    Vice President 


    Vice President Donya Ahmadi is serving as the SGA vice-president from the 2022-2023 term. Donya is a senior from Houston, TX, and is double majoring in computer science and business and minoring in global supply chain management. In her role, VP Ahmadi serves as the chair of the finance committee and manages the Student Activity Fund. Outside of SGA, you can find Donya in the career services office and being involved in Greek Life as a member of SPURS. Feel free to contact VP Ahmadi about anything related to funding or for any other help your student group might need.

    Contact Us

    SGA meetings are open to the Trinity community and take place every Wednesday in the Waxahachie Room in Coates Student Center.


    Linktree: linktr.ee/sgatrinity

    Instagram: @sga.trinity

    Where Do Your Student Activity Fees Go

    As part of tuition, each student enrolled at Trinity pays an "activity fee" of $150 per semester which is pooled together to create the Student Activity Fee. During the year, SGA allocates these funds to groups on campus including USOs and RSOs.

    This graphic provides a dollar amount breakdown of approximately how much of each student's activity fee is allocated to the various organizations on campus.

    For more information, please feel free to contact Vice President Ahmadi at dahmadi@trinity.edu

    Student Activity Fee Visual






    Funding Request

    A SGA funding request form should be completed six weeks before the event is planned to take place. The form is online and can be found here. Once you submit this form, it can not be revised. If you have any questions or concerns, please email sga@trinity.edu.  Below is the process for requesting funds:

    Step 1: Complete Funding Request Form

    Recommended to submit requests at least 4-6 weeks in advance. 

    Step 2: Finance Committee Review

    Receive email feedback from SGA Treasurer and/or an invitation to present your proposal.

    Step 3: Prepare for Your Presentation

    Email contains date, time & location; prepare expense details and for Q&A.

    Step 4: Senate Vote

    Last Monday of the month at 5:30pm, Senate votes on requests over $1500.

    Step 5: Present Your Request

    For requests below $1500, Finance Committee meetings are on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 5pm.

    Step 6: Attend Preliminary Appointment

    Meet with member of Finance Committee to go over questions they/you many have.

    Step 7: Decision Email

    Email notification sent to org by the end of the week.

    Step 8: Acquisition of Funds

    Funds are transferred to org account via Student Financial Services.

    Step 9: Turn In Receipts

    After event, fill out follow-up form included in decision email. Return all excess fuds to SAF.

    Stay in the Know

    Student Issue Report

    SGA is interested in your feedback. Please submit information via the form below so we can investigate and address your concern. 

    What to Fix