Social Interaction

Author: Tina Harper, M.A.T., Trinity University

Table of Contents:

  • Correct Cartoon Behavior
    Help students identify the proper actions in all types of settings.
  • Respecting Others' Space
    This activity serves to help them realize that there are certain touches that are okay while others may be inappropriate or cause discomfort
  • Talking with Peers
    This activity serves to help students find interests that they have themselves that may also be in common with their peers.
  • We Are All Different
    This activity presents many students with differences and asks students to identify areas of common interest that would allow the students to find out more about a student without being rued or insensitive.
  • Real Friends
    A reality of life for students is that many of them often have trouble making true friends. They are often so eager to have any form of companionship that they allow their peers to lead them into situations that are not good for them, or they allow "friends" to take advantage of them.
  • That's Too Personal
    Help students recognize which comments are friendly and which ones are too personal.
  • Ice Breakers
    Game to introduce students to social language and conversational skills 


Downloadable Social Interaction activities .pdf 


Language Development and Academics

Author: Kacy Brown, M.A.T, Trinity University

Teaching Activities for Students who are Hearing Impaired or Deaf:  Primary Level

Downloadable Activities for Students Who are Hearing Impaired .pdf

Downloadable Activities for Students Who are Deaf .pdf


Reading Comprehension

Authors: Faculty, St. Joseph's Institute for the Deaf, St. Louis, Missouri, and Graduate Students, Trinity University

Table of Contents

  • Word File Cards
  • Show and Tell
  • Language Experiences / Experience Stories
  • Word Rings
  • Play
  • Reading Comprehension-Inferencing

Downloadable the reading comprehension activities .pdf

Social Interaction - Secondary


Authors: Kacy Brown, M.A.T., Trinity University

Table of Contents

  • The Circle of Communication
    The teacher should explain to students that communication is not simply telling someone to do something.
  • Telephone
    This activity stresses the importance of clear communication to the whole class. Students who are hard of hearing who participate in this must have the use of a hearing aid.
  • Different Cultures
    Throughout the school year there are different months and days to celebrate the different cultures that make up the students in the school. Deaf and hard of hearing students also have a culture that is like other cultures in that it has different styles of communication and assumptions that go along with it. 


Downloadable Social Interaction Activity .pdf


History - Secondary


Author: Kacy Brown, M.A.T., Trinity University

Table of Contents

  • Charts
  • Using the internet to Help Students Visually Understand Concepts
  • Family Tree

Downloadable the History activity .pdf