From staging an opera to studying religious diversity and tolerance in San Antonio, over 100 Mellon SURFs have spent their summers collaborating on research projects with one or more Trinity faculty mentors. Many  students continued their foray into academia by presenting their research at undergraduate or professional conferences and publishing their research. We are proud of these accomplishments by Mellon SURFs!

Nupur Agrawal (Mellon ‘13)

Brown, C. Mackenzie and Nupur Agrawal. “The Rape that Woke Up India: Hindu Imagination and the Rape of Jyoti Singh.” Journal of Religion and Violence 2.2 (2014): 234–280.

Abigail Baltuskonis (Mellon ‘16) 

Baltuskonis, Abigail. “The ‘Phantom Growth’ of Sol Nazerman: Suppression in The Pawnbroker. The Expositor: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in the Humanities 12 (2016): 4–13.

Abigail Bowen (Mellon '19)

Bowen, Abigail. ""Selfish Plants and Multispecies Creativity: Alternative Narratives in Environmental Discourse." The Expositor: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in the Humanities 15 (2020): 75–85.  

Natalie Carrier (Mellon '17)

Carrier, Natalie. "Jane Austen's Artful Buildings: Embodying the Bildungsroman."  The Expositor: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in the Humanities 14 (2018-19): 13–24.

Catherine Clark (Mellon ‘15)

Clark, Catherine and Jennifer Jacobs Henderson. "'Oh, my god! I CAN FLY!' female agency in Marvel’s Runaways." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics (February 15, 2018).

Benjamin Collinger (Mellon ‘16)

Collinger, Benjamin  and Simrat Jeet Singh. “Developing a Religious Diversity Profile of San Antonio.” Published by Trinity University’s Mellon Initiative (March 2017).

Kevin Culver (Mellon ‘13)

Translation and performance of Puccini’s opera Gianni Schicci.

Stephen Ford (Mellon '20)

Rainbow Bridge Database (Published on August 3, 2020)

Catherine Groke and Robyn Wheelock (Mellon ‘16)

Groke, Catherine and Robyn Wheelock. House of Light.  Published by Trinity University’s Mellon Initiative (Summer 2016).

Aria Gastón-Panthaki and Rachel Morris (Mellon '20)

Stith, Nathan, et al. "The Theatre Industry’s Essential Workers: Catalysts for Change." Theatre Topics, vol. 31 no. 2, (2021), p. 73-86. 

Austen Hall (Mellon ‘15)

Hall, Austen. “Auditory Similes in the Homeric Iliad.” The Expositor: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in the Humanities 11 (2015): 7–19.

Thomas Harvell-DeGolier (Mellon ‘18)

Harvell-DeGolier, Thomas. "'The Supremacy of Human Rights Everywhere': The Struggle against Jim Crow during WW II." The Expositor: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in the Humanities 14 (2018-19): 25–34.

Mary Margaret Herring (Mellon ’18)

Delwiche, Aaron and Mary Margaret Herring. Propaganda Critic Website (launched on August 15, 2018).

Delwiche, Aaron and Mary Margaret Herring. Propaganda Critic: A Tool for Analyzing Propaganda in the 21st Century.” Censored 2020, edited by Andy Lee Roth & Mickey Huff,  Seven Stories Press, (2019), pp. 152-158.

Delwiche, Aaron and Herring, Mary Margaret. "Propaganda Critic, Russian Disinformation, and Media Literacy." Media Literacy in a Disruptive Environment, edited by William G. Christ & B. S. De Abreu, Routledge, (2020), pp.94-108.

Derek Hudson (Mellon ‘17)

Hudson, Derek.  “St Anthony's Lost & Found Project: Teacher Resource Guide.”  (July 2017).

Kassie Kelly (Mellon ‘15)

Kelly, Kassie and Carl Leafstedt. “The San Antonio Federal Orchestra of 1936-1943: A Forgotten Link in the Musical Heritage of South Texas.” Proceedings of the SW Chapter of the American Musicological Society 5 (Spring 2016).  

Hannah Niner (Mellon ‘16) 

Kaufman, S.B. and  Niner, Hannah.  “Muslim Victimization in the Contemporary US: Clarifying the Racialization Thesis. ” Critical Criminology  27, no 3 (2019): 485-502. 

Tiffany Nguyen (Mellon ‘17)

Nguyen, Tiffany.  “What is Done is Donne: Analyzing John Donne's Misogyny.” Proceedings of The National Conference On Undergraduate Research (2018): 48-53.  

Sophia Patterson (Mellon ‘21)

Patterson, Sophia. “Untying the Knot: Marriage in Senegal, 1850-Present.” History Matters: An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research 19 (2022): 71-93. 

Madilyn Pfluger (Mellon ‘16)

Pfluger, Madilyn.  “Visualizing the Unspeakable: Graphic Novels and Illustrating the Holocaust.  The Expositor: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in the Humanities 13 (2017): 75-84.

Kristina Reinis (Mellon ‘18)

Reinis, Kristina.  “'What shall we call thee then?': Defining Femininity Outside the Male Heteronormative World in John Donne’s 'Sappho to Philaenis.'” The  Expositor: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in the Humanities 14 (2018-19): 54-66.

Levi Ross (Mellon '21)

Ross, Levi, et al. "Older adults' motives for reconnecting with dormant relational partners using social network sites." Qualitative Research Reports in Communication (April 24, 2023).

Megan Reynolds (Mellon ‘15)

Reynolds, Megan. “Constructing the Imaginative Bridge: Third-Generation Holocaust Narratives.” Proceedings of The National Conference On Undergraduate Research (2016): 14-23.  

Chelsea Rodriguez (Mellon ‘17)

Cantú, Norma and Chelsea Rodriguez.  “Breaking Open Gates: A Conversation with Emmy Perez.”  World Literature Today (January 2018).  

Peyton Tvrdy (Mellon '19 and '20)

The Mural at Coates Library Website & Exhibit (launched Summer 2020)

Jullian Valadez (Mellon ‘18)

Valadez, Jullian. “HIV/AIDS Stigma Construction:  A Comparative Analysis between San Antonio and Azerbaijan. “  Process: Journal of Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Scholarship 3, no.1 (December 2018).