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2023-24 Faculty Stipend and Leave Awards
More than 50 faculty members receive summer stipends or academic leave

The Department of Academic Affairs congratulates the 20 faculty who were selected to receive summer stipends and 34 to receive academic leave. You can read more about their projects in the attached documents.

In addition, Academic Affairs wishes to acknowledge the service of the members of the Faculty Development Committee. The individuals who reviewed stipend proposals included: Ana Maria Mutis, Britton Horn, Gregory Clines, Harry Wallace, Jane Costanza, John Anders, and Luis Giavedoni. The individuals who reviewed leave proposals included: Shaj Mathew, Tim O'Sullivan, Norma Cantu, Scott Neale, Sarah Erickson, Christina Cooley, Peter Kelly-Zion, Jason Shearer, Amy Stone, K.C. Leong, and Jared Koreff.


2023 Summer Stipend Recipients with Proposals

2023-24 Academic Leave Recipients with Proposals


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