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Holiday Safety Tips
Enjoy a safe holiday season by reviewing these reminders

With the upcoming holiday season just around the corner, it's important to prioritize safety and well-being to ensure a festive and secure environment for everyone. Environmental Health and Safety has provided some key tips for you to keep in mind as you prepare for the holidays.

When decorating your office and common areas:

  • Use flame-resistant materials
  • Avoid blocking exits and obstructing walkways
  • Inspect lights and decorations for any damage
  • Avoid overloading electrical outlets
  • Use a stepladder, not a chair, to hang decorations
  • Never hang decorations from fire sprinklers
  • 3-prong plugs never fit 2-prong outlets
  • Turn off all electric decorations before leaving

When using extension cords:

  • Don’t use in high-traffic areas
  • Don’t conceal under rugs, carpets, or furniture
  • Don’t connect to another extension cord
  • Don’t nail or staple extension cords to walls
  • Don’t overheat by concealing in walls or ceilings

When having a potluck:

  • Always wash your hands before and after handling food
  • Serve on clean plates
  • If a dish contains meat, make sure it’s cooked to the proper temperature
  • Be mindful of coworkers with allergies when planning 
  • Do not eat any food sitting at room temperature for more than two hours
  • Hot food should be held at 140°F (60°C) or warmer
    • Use chafing dishes, slow cookers, and warming trays to keep food hot
  • Cold food should be held at 40°F (4.4°C) or colder
    • Nest dishes in bowls of ice or use small serving trays and replace them often to keep food cold

Enjoy a safe holiday season!

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