Introducing Managed Print Services, Your Full-Service Solution
Learn more and meet the team at the February 13 event

After a year-long initiative to determine faculty and staff printing, scanning, copying, and specialty printing needs, the Printing Enhancement Project (adoringly known as PEP) comes to a close. 

Join us on Tuesday, February 13, to celebrate the close of the Printing Enhancement Project and the opening of the Office of Managed Print Services.

“The PEP team set the standard for implementing a solution by performing a thorough discovery of faculty and staff needs, researching technical capabilities, and balancing these findings against cost impact,” says Ben Lim, Chief Information Officer. “I feel confident that we’ve designed a solution in partnership with faculty and staff.”

As of the end of January, more than 65 multifunction printers were installed across campus, a Tiger Print specialty printing portal was launched, training and training materials have been provided, and people are actively using their printers. If you’d like to take a trip down memory lane, you can visit the PEP website to see project details, milestones, and resources. 

A few lessons learned to share:

  • Everyone’s voice matters. Through our organizational change management efforts, we were able to listen to the loud and soft voices. 
  • On-site visits and walkthroughs are invaluable. The team was able to visit other campuses to try out the technology that was implemented at Trinity. And, walkthroughs were another way to visualize how people use printing rather than just assume. 
  • Projects don’t always (or rarely) go as planned. Thank you to everyone who continued to test alongside us during implementation, for creating testimonials, and for expressing feedback. 

The PEP team is proud to share that as of Monday, February 12, the Office of Managed Print Services (OMPS)—a full-service office that will provide ongoing maintenance, training, and specialty printing support—will be operational. 

What OMPS provides you:

  • Specialty Print Management: Whether it be large-format printing, promotional materials, or other unique requests, you can request these through the Tiger Print portal. Our team is equipped to handle diverse print projects and will deliver your print jobs to you.  
  • Holistic Equipment Management: We take charge of the entire campus fleet of printers, ensuring optimal performance, regular maintenance, and efficient use of resources. 
  • People-Centric Approach: We understand that each office and department has unique print requirements, and we work to tailor our services to meet those specific needs. Expect to receive responses to inquiries within 2-business days.  
  • Ongoing Training and Support: Whether through drop-in hours, virtual or in-person training, or ad hoc requests, you can reach out to the number on your machine or contact the team with questions.  
  • Sustainability Initiatives: MPS is committed to promoting sustainability in print services. We actively explore eco-friendly options, implement paper-saving practices, and advocate for responsible printing behaviors to reduce our environmental footprint. 

“I’m excited to be on-campus to provide the Trinity community with a range of support from equipment maintenance to training to delivering specialty printing jobs,” says Mike Yanas, on-site specialist. “I’m located on the first floor of the Library, room 100B so stop by or say hello when we see each other around campus.”

Special thank you to the entire PEP project team, executive representatives, our change liaisons, and to all faculty and staff who provided valuable input throughout this process. 

Michelle Bartonico ’08 is the Senior Strategist and Project Manager of the Project Portfolio Management Office-Center of Excellence (PPMO-COE).

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