Screenshot of 3D map with a search bar and feature menu
Trinity Launches New, Interactive Campus Map
Digital-first map offers variety of useful features

Trinity has just launched an interactive, digital-first map on Concept3D.


Spearheaded by the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing, this map is an accessible, searchable, and easily shareable tool to help the campus community and visitors locate and navigate between buildings and key spaces on campus. Feedback and contributions from additional campus partners (TUPD, Parking Services, Facilities Services, University Architect) ensured that the information presented on the map is accurate and useful.

Digital-first approach: more than just a map

Research from the 2023 E-Expectations report show that 93% of students use a college website to get information and 79% of them find virtual tours and interactive experiences helpful in their decision-making process. The map isn’t just a directory of buildings; it’s a useful information hub for all aspects of campus life. With events like orientation, commencement, and other large events, the map will help streamline directions and parking instructions for campus visitors.

The new interactive campus map offers a robust set of features, including:

1. A search bar for finding buildings

The platform has a search function that looks at four different fields to determine if a location is shown in the results:

  • Location title
  • Keywords
  • Description
  • Category

2. Directions, parking, and wayfinding capabilities (includes accessible routes) with turn-by-turn directions to anywhere on campus.

Interactive parking map
See it in action

Accessible parking, ramps, elevator
See it in action

Wayfinding - Accessible routes
Use the wayfinding tool

  • Parking: Each building showcases nearest available parking options to help faculty, staff, students, and visitors quickly find a parking spot.
  • Wayfinding: The wayfinding tool allows to a custom route (driving and walking) to assist individuals follow the most efficient way to get from point A to B. 
    • Toggle the "Show accessible routes only" checkbox to display only wheelchair-accessible routes through campus.

3. Sharing

On the platform, you can create custom maps to share, or share a single location. Once shared, the platform generates a unique URL to be used on all digital platforms.

The share button captures the current view on the screen and generates a URL to share that specific view. 

  1. Check the various categories and locations (on/off) to display.
  2. Position add zoom in on the desired area.
  3. In the upper right hand corner, select the Share icon.

4. Print map generator

The print map generator allows you to create a fully customized PDF.  

Long live the old PDF (don’t worry, it’s still around if you absolutely need it, but we will not update this yearly).

Learn how to generate a custom print map.

5. Embed and integrations
Specific building maps have been fully embedded onto the website, leveraging all of the features you would get by visiting Check out the Campus Buildings and Spaces page for a full list of building
All on-campus event postings on the University events calendar fully integrate with the Concept 3D map. See example:
Christmas and Holiday events.

Try it out for yourself! The map can be accessed on any smartphone or computer. We encourage all students, faculty, and staff to explore the map and take advantage of its many features.

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