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Workday Updates Include New Inbox and Gender Terminology
What to know for the March 8 Workday update

In an effort to continuously improve the user experience, Workday has several feature releases throughout the year. Their spring update reimaged the Inbox. The Office of Human Resources has adopted the Data Governance Committee's recommendation to include a more modern understanding of gender and sex assigned at birth. 

Effective on Friday, March 8, you will see:

  1. Changes to your Inbox when you log into Workday

  2. A change from Gender field (Male/Female) to Sex Assigned at Birth (SAB)

  3. A renamed field from "Gender Identity" to "Gender" in the profile view

Workday Inbox

Your current Inbox offers limited Filter and Sort options. It often requires too much time to find and complete tasks using the Inbox, and you may have hundreds or more tasks to complete.

What you need to know:

  • The reimagined Inbox impacts all faculty and staff.
  • All of Workday Inbox's mission-critical features are supported in My Tasks.
  • No tasks (pending or completed) will be lost when My Tasks is enabled. 
  • This has no impact on our Tmail. This is strictly an improvement to your Workday Inbox.

To help ensure you're not surprised by the change to My Tasks, below are a few highlighted features.

  • Navigation: My Tasks delivers a more intuitive user experience, reducing confusion when finding a task.
  • Search: Locating a specific task is faster with advanced search capabilities.
  • Organization: Saved Searches allow you to organize your tasks without the need for custom filters.
  • Awareness: New users to My Tasks will be presented with a guided virtual tour of thier Inbox to help familiarize them with the changes.

Gender and Sex on Birth Certificate

The Gender field (Male/Female) was changed to Sex on Birth Certificate to reflect a more modern understanding of what Male/Female describes as a medical/anatomical distinction rather than a gender expression.

Additionally, to better reflect and encompass an individual’s gender identity, the Gender response options will be the following:

  • Agender (unchanged)

  • Genderqueer/Gender Nonconforming (instead of Genderqueer/Gender Fluid)

  • Man (unchanged)

  • Non-binary/enby (instead of Non-binary/Non-conforming)

  • Queer (new)

  • Questioning/unsure (unchanged)

  • Transgender/trans (new)

  • Transmasculine (instead of Trans Man)

  • Transfeminine (instead of Trans Woman)

  • Woman (unchanged)

You will see these changes to the Gender field and SAB when navigating to your profile view.

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