A Front Door for the Humanities

Dicke Hall, as part of the broader overall Chapman-Halsell Complex project, will be a defining presence for Trinity on Hildebrand Avenue, and a more visible connection to the San Antonio community. 

The new Complex will not only improve student outcomes and address aging infrastructure, but will also support admissions when prospective students and parents visit Trinity’s campus.


Dicke Hall will house the Humanities Collective, the Department of English, and the Department of Religion. Building amenities are student-centered and create collaborative environments that reflect modern educational practices.

 State-of-the-art classrooms

 Ample writing surfaces and movable furniture

 Improved classroom acoustics and screen projection

 Offices, conference rooms, and collaborative commons spaces


This new building is part of the Chapman-Halsell Complex, situated to the north of Halsell Center, and adjacent to the Elizabeth Huth Coates Library.

a section of the campus map shows the location of the new Dicke Hall building

Building Specifications

 40,000 square feet

 3 stories

 2 department homes (English, Religion)

 6 classrooms

 1 lecture hall

 1 screening room

 multiple collaborative common spaces

a illustration shows large timber pieces being laid crosswise on top of each other

Mass Timber Construction

In a nod to O’Neil Ford’s tradition of engineering innovation, Dicke Hall will be constructed using a mass-timber structural system.

A combination of aesthetics, structural performance, and opportunity for innovation have allowed mass-timber construction to take root. Mass-timber buildings have primary load-bearing structures—wall, floor, and roof construction—made of either solid or engineered wood. They have a lighter carbon footprint, provide fire and life safety, and biophilic aspects have been linked to improved health and well-being.

Building Progress



Spring 2021


Tree Topping

Winter 2021


Move In

Summer 2022


Grand Opening

Fall 2022


Directions and Parking

Address: One Trinity Place, San Antonio, TX 78212

Parking and Accessibility

Accessibility Accommodations

For further assistance, please call the Trinity University Police Department at 210-999-7070.

Accessibility Information – Campus Map
Check out the accessibility section on Trinity's campus map for information about accessible parking and entrances. Use the way finding feature to see accessible paths across campus.