The Humanities at Trinity

At Trinity University, the Humanities have long stood as a vital part of a liberal arts and sciences education.

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Humanities Collective

The Humanities Collective promotes, coordinates, and highlights faculty and students’ humanities research, events, and programming at Trinity University and in the larger San Antonio community.

The Humanities Collective

Benjamin Collinger and Dr. Simran Jeet Singh working on a laptop in an office

Mellon Initiative

The Mellon Initiative promotes undergraduate research in the arts and humanities at Trinity University in San Antonio. 

The Mellon Initiative

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Academic Departments

Dicke Hall will be home to two academic departments:

The broader Chapman-Halsell Complex will serve all of the Humanities at Trinity, including:

 Explore further: Additional humanities departments at Trinity

"The Mellon Initiative has transformed the arts and humanities at Trinity. Our goal is to create and sustain an inclusive and diverse culture of research."

– Chad Spigel, Religion professor

Stories from the Humanities

Students look through telescope
Through Different Lenses

Physics and mythology collide during trip to McDonald Observatory

More Stories from Classical Studies

an abstract collage of paper scraps with two contributor portraits
The Power of Storytelling

Specific, Sensory, Shoeless: Channel your inner storyteller through creative nonfiction

More Stories from English

Joel Holmes sits at a studio mic to record music
Creative, Collective, Collaborative

History alum creates digital music, contributes voice to national conversations

More Stories from History

Alumna in Macedonia
At Home Abroad

Alumna observes elections throughout Europe as human rights volunteer

More Stories from Philosophy

Cast members perform in a dress rehearsal on stage
To Be Honest

Trinity stages play on role of Islam in American politics

More Stories from Religion


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