Areas of Study

Proficiency in another language provides a window into a new world.  

Classwork, internships, immersion programs, and independent study allow opportunities to network and interact with native speakers. These experiences provide students with an advantage in the competitive environment of today's global marketplace.


A river boat floats along a calm river in Shanghai

Explore everything from Chinese language, culture, and policy, to international business and ecological civilization. All degree-seeking students spend at least one semester studying abroad in a Chinese-speaking country and gain real-life experience through international partnerships and independent projects.

Chinese (B.A.) Chinese (Minor)


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Students who study French will gain mastery of the language, knowledge of the culture, and an understanding of the topics in literature through the centuries. The curriculum includes the exploration of French civilization, French cinema, and other specialized topics such as literary methodologies and major French authors.

French Studies (B.A.) French Studies (Minor)


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Trinity’s German studies program offers intensive language training and comprehensive study of German literature, art, culture, politics, and ideas. German Studies majors become fluent in the language.

German Studies (B.A.) German (Minor)


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Trinity’s Russian program includes three components: language courses at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels; literature courses in both Russian and English; and culture courses in both Russian and English, including cinema, folklore, history, and the arts in their historical context.

Russian (B.A.) Russian (Minor)


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Trinity’s Spanish major is comprised of mastery of the language, knowledge of the culture, and understanding the literature. Course offerings provide a variety of perspectives, including cultural studies, literary history, genre studies, research methods and documentation, film studies, and other innovative topics.

Spanish (B.A.) Spanish (Minor)


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Comparative Literature

The comparative literature minor incorporates the study of world cultures and their literary texts, examining international and cross-cultural perspectives. It provides the opportunity for students to devise their own individual program of study, drawing together courses from many departments and ideas from around the world.

Comparative Literature (Minor)


Professor speaks to a group of Trinity students gathered on the steps of the Cerro del Obispado, a famous landmark in Monterrey, Mexico
Global Latinx Studies

The major in global Latinx studies offers students an interdisciplinary analysis of the Latinx experience from past to present. Located in the department of Modern Languages and Literatures, the program includes modern languages and spans the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences.

Global Latinx Studies (B.A.)