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Theatre (THTR)
Course Course Title Credits
THTR-1100 University Theatre Company I 1 credit
THTR-1101 University Theatre Company II 1 credit
THTR-1154 Dance for Theatre 1 credit
THTR-1303 Advanced Placement Credit in Theatre 3 credits
THTR-1304 Introduction to Theatre 3 credits
THTR-1306 Oral Interpretation 3 credits
THTR-1320 Introduction to Production Techniques 3 credits
THTR-1330 Principles of Costume Construction 3 credits
THTR-1342 Arts Entrepreneurship Mindset 3 credits
THTR-1343 Improvisation 3 credits
THTR-1350 Introduction to Acting 3 credits
THTR-2100 Stage Makeup Design 1 credit
THTR-2301 American Musical Theater 3 credits
THTR-2310 Principles of Design 3 credits
THTR-2312 Experiential Design 3 credits
THTR-2313 Introduction to Scene Design 3 credits
THTR-2314 Principles of Stage Lighting 3 credits
THTR-2315 Scene Painting for Theatre 3 credits
THTR-2316 Dramatic Literature 3 credits
THTR-2332 Play Structure and Analysis 3 credits