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Classics (CLAS)
Course Course Title Credits
CLAS-1301 Topics in Classical Studies 3 credits
CLAS-1302 Literary Classics of Ancient Greek World 3 credits
CLAS-1304 Introduction to Classical Archaeology 3 credits
CLAS-1305 Classical Mythology 3 credits
CLAS-1307 Gender and Identity in the Ancient World 3 credits
CLAS-1308 Daily Life in Ancient Rome 3 credits
CLAS-1309 Pirates, Merchants, and Marines: Seafaring in the Ancient Mediterranean 3 credits
CLAS-1310 Daily Life in Ancient Greece 3 credits
CLAS-1315 Afterlives of Antiquity: Underworlds in The Western Tradition 3 credits
CLAS-1317 Classical Traditions in Science Fiction 3 credits
CLAS-1318 Ancient Athletics: From Olympians to Gladiators 3 credits
CLAS-2320 The Epic Legacy: Clas Recept in Mid Ages 3 credits
CLAS-3301 Advanced Topics in Classical Studies 3 credits
CLAS-3302 Greek and Roman Epic 3 credits
CLAS-3310 Antiquity and Diversity in Contemporary Literature 3 credits
CLAS-3311 Ancient Worlds in Film & Television 3 credits
CLAS-3319 The World of Late Antiquity 3 credits
CLAS-3338 Greek Religious Experience 3 credits
CLAS-3350 Theorizing Myth 3 credits
CLAS-3371 Introduction to Romance Linguistics 3 credits