Requirements for the minor

I. Completion of 18 credit hours in the following distribution:

A. Completion of the nine-hour Required Curriculum.

  1. Three hours in either: ANTH-1301—Introduction to Anthropology OR SOCI-1301—Introduction to Sociology
  2. SOCI-3427/ANTH-3427—Race In America
  3. HCOM-3372/ANTH-3332—Intercultural Communication

B. Nine additional hours from the Core Curriculum (see below), including at least three hours in Perspectives coursework and at least three hours in Dynamics coursework.

II. Guidelines for selection of coursework:

A. At least nine hours of coursework in the American Intercultural Studies minor must be upper division.

B. No more than 12 hours of the coursework (including cross-listed courses) can be taken from one department to fulfill the requirements of the minor.

American Intercultural Studies Core*

Perspectives Coursework
Perspectives coursework focuses on events, conditions, circumstances, major figures and/or movements that are significant to understanding a particular minority group’s experience and viewpoint in America.

Course ID Course Title
ENGL-2373  African American Literature 
ENGL-4323  Studies in American Literature: The Harlem Renaissance 
ENGL-4323  Studies in American Literature: The American Bildungsroman 
GNED-3325  The U.S. Latino Experience 
GNED-3326  U.S. Latino Cultural and Artistic Expression 
HIST-1340  Latin American Cultural Traditions 
HIST-1370  The African American Experience Through Reconstruction 
HIST-1371  The African American Experience Since Reconstruction 
HIST-3340  Latin American Perspectives 
MUSC-1346  Jazz History and Styles 

Dynamics Coursework
Dynamics coursework reveals and analyzes the particular contexts that influence or impact intercultural understanding and intercultural relationships.

Course ID Course Title
ANTH-3343  Relaciones fronterizas México-Estados Unidos (bilinguë) (also listed as SOCI-3343/INTL-3343) 
HIST-1360  The History of the United States Through Reconstruction 
HIST-1361  The History of the United States Since Reconstruction 
HIST-3363  Early American Social History 
HIST-3368 Modern American Culture 
INTL-3343 Relaciones fronterizas México-Estados Unidos (bilinguë) (also listed as SOCI-3343/ANTH-3343
PLSI-3352  Civil Rights and Liberties 
PSYC-2341  Social Psychology 
RELI-1360  Religion in the United States 
SOCI-2328  Social Inequality (also listed as URBS-2328
SOCI-3343  Relaciones fronterizas México-Estados Unidos (bilinguë) (also listed as ANTH-3343/INTL-3343) 
URBS-2328  Social Inequality (also listed as SOCI-2328

*When departments offer a relevant course coded under a “special topics” or “variable content” designation, the Faculty Advisory Committee may approve such course for inclusion within the core curriculum of the minor.

How to apply

Students interested in the American Intercultural Studies minor should submit an application to the chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee, who will assign a faculty adviser to the student.

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