Requirements for the minor

  1. Completion of no fewer than 21 credit hours. At least 9 hours shall be lower division; at least 12 hours must be upper division.
  2. The lower division sequence in an appropriate foreign language (the equivalent of four college semesters). 
  3. One of the following courses: HIST-3469 (U.S. Foreign Relations), PLSI-1342 (International Politics), or ANTH-3449/SOCI-3449 (Globalization and Social Change).
  4. Completion of INTL-1301 (Introduction to International Studies), and INTL-1305 (Ethics in International Engagement and Development).
  5. Concentrations (12-15 hours including courses taken while abroad). International Studies concentrations are individual programs of study designed by students in consultation with the appropriate assigned adviser. A student may select courses from the concentration list (below), or with the approval of the adviser and program director, from among courses taken abroad or unlisted courses taken while at Trinity.
  6. At least one semester abroad program approved by the International Studies committee or alternatively an approved summer program or a "beyond the classroom program." Summer programs or "beyond the classroom programs" listed in the concentrations are clearly marked with an asterisk. A student may propose an unlimited summer program or beyond the classroom program taken at Trinity with the approval of the adviser and program director. 

While not required, students may select the Internship Course option (INTL-4001, INTL-4101, INTL-4201, INTL-4301, INTL-4401, INTL-4501, INTL-4601; maximum 3 hours).

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