• Alfred Montoya is an associate professor of Anthropology in the Sociology & Anthropology department. His work concerns, broadly, the intersection of science, technology and society in the governance of epidemics in Southeast Asia, with special attention to HIV/AIDS in Vietnam.

    More recently, Montoya has taken up a related range of medical anthropological interests including work on the effects of climate change on migration and health in the greater Mekong subregion; drugs and the drug trade in Southeast Asia; and the compounding effects of urban poverty on access to education, health services and proper nutrition in San Antonio. A native of San Antonio, Montoya is especially interested in forming partnerships with local agencies and the San Antonio community, developing opportunities for students to engage in community-based research projects through his fieldwork course.

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    • Introduction to Anthropology
    • Health, Illness and Society
    • Research Methods: Fieldwork
    • Global Health
    • HIV/AIDS: Nature, Power, Populations
    • International Issues in Health and the Environment
    • Food, Culture, and Power

    Alfred Montoya currently serves on the City of San Antonio Climate Action and Adaptation Plan Committee, as a member of the Equity Technical Working Group. He was a member of the San Antonio Area HIV Health Services Planning Council, the San Antonio/Bexar County HIV/Syphilis Task Force, and served on the board of the San Antonio AIDS Foundation. He has organized community-based research projects with numerous organizations, including COPSMetro, the Bexar County Ryan White Program, the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, VIA metropolitan transit, and the San Antonio Housing Authority/UT Health Science Center – San Antonio’s Community STORM.