About the Program

Broaden your horizons and explore new cultures

The Mexico, the Americas, and Spain (MAS) program promotes and enriches a bilingual and bicultural environment on-and off of Trinity’s campus by providing students with opportunities for engagement with life, and culture from Latin America, the U.S. Latina/o contexts, and Spain.

MAS has become one of the premier interdisciplinary programs at Trinity, and an umbrella organization for efforts of every kind to more deeply engage with the MAS world.


Alcázar of Toledo, a stone fortification in the highest part of Toledo, Spain



Many Trinity faculty members lead classes in Spanish


San Antonio

San Antonio 64 percent Hispanic, 36 percent Spanish-speaking



Offers global internships in Spanish-speaking workplaces



Make trips to Mexico, Spain, and beyond

Opportunities for all majors

The MAS program provides Trinity students from all majors with unique, unparalleled opportunities for engagement with the language, life, and culture of the region, while reaching out to the rich and diverse community in San Antonio through internships, seminars and workshops, as well as service learning trips and study abroad. 

All of these MAS opportunities are designed to hone Spanish language skills and deepen cultural understanding while providing a wealth of real world experiences that advance postgraduate opportunities. Learn more

Three diverse students walking in downtown San Antonio

Embracing San Antonio

San Antonio has a population that is more than 50 percent Latino and a history that ties south Texas and Mexico together. Within this culturally rich community of arts, cuisine, music, literature, and film, Trinity students have access to invaluable real-world experiences. 

MAS provides many opportunities for community volunteer work, service learning, and internships and is fostering programs that provide opportunities for academic research while also serving the needs of the South Texas community. Explore San Antonio