Alvarez Internship Grant Program

The Alvarez Summer Internship Grant program engages Trinity students in matters and activities falling under the MAS mission and promote Trinity University's relations with non-profit organizations whose activities are related to the MAS Program and its mission.

This grant awards $4000 to Trinity students who complete unpaid internships at non-profit organizations that work with the Latino community.

Grant Details 

MAS internships must provide the students with an academically substantive experience; must involve an activity or project that directly addresses the mission of the MAS Program; and must be sponsored by a Trinity University faculty member. The program includes a $4000 grant, on-campus housing and a 1-credit annotation on student's transcript.

To obtain an internship grant award, the applicant must have her/his proposal accepted by a potential faculty mentor and must secure an official letter of approval from the agency in question. Internships must be held over the course of a summer.

No longer accepting applications. 

At completion of internship, intern must submit the following items:

  • A poster presentation on internship experience which provides information on the intern's agency; describes the nature and significance of the work the intern engaged in; and offers an assessment of the intern's experience.  Poster will be presented at the end of the summer session or during the academic year
  • 4-6 Photos from internship that may be used on MAS social media and/or website
  • Submit paperwork via email to:

NOTE: Any student is allowed a maximum of two internship grants during the course of their tenure at Trinity University.


Requirements and Eligibility:
  • Formal relationship with a non-profit organization/agency that has Latina/os as its principal clientele OR with an organization/agency in a country related to MAS initiatives
  • Minimum GPA requirement of 2.7 Sponsorship of a Trinity University faculty member
  • Approval of the MAS Executive Committee
How to Apply:

Submit application cover sheet, along with:

  • ​​2-3 page written proposal for internship, including some background of organization, a program of activities and objectives, and how this experience fits into your course of study
  • Letter from organization officially granting the internship
  • Letter of support from Trinity faculty mentor
  • Curriculum vitae or resumé
  • Unofficial copy of transcript