What You'll Study

Multicultural, multilingual engagement

The MAS program provides Trinity students from all majors with opportunities to engage with all aspects of culture of the region, while reaching out to the diverse community in San Antonio. MAS has become one of the premier interdisciplinary programs at Trinity and an umbrella organization for efforts of every kind to more deeply engage with the MAS world.

Course Topics

Although the MAS program does not offer a baccalaureate degree, faculty from around campus and in diverse majors help to offer a broad view of the MAS world.

MAS Students at the US-Mexican Border

Relaciones fronterizas Mexico-Estados Unidos (bilingue)

Examine a variety of social, cultural, political, and economic phenomena that characterize the Mexico-US border region, and make an overnight excursion to communities located on the international boundary itself.

MAS Students In Spanish Countryside

Peoples of Spain

Explore the historical, political, social, and cultural dynamics of Spain

MAS Student studying

En Blanco Y Negro: Raza Y Cine En America Latina

Analyze Latin American films’ representation of race. Encounter discourses of whiteness and mestizaje in terms of the hierarchies and social expectations that they advanced through film.

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