Trinity’s film studies minor gives students the power to understand—and impact—the modern, evolving form of cultural expression that is film.

Students have the opportunity to study film principles in history and theory, while putting them into practice through video production, photography, and writing.

Fast Facts
  • Students can use state-of-the-art production and editing equipment through the Department of Communication.
  • Offers courses spanning a wide range of languages, cultures and industries.
  • Trinity’s film studies minor encourages students to take courses on video production, photography, writing, and other practical skills.
Trinity student with Tiger TV operates a video camera


What You'll Study

Through cinema, view an interdisciplinary, wide range of arts and humanities


A focused lens

Our faculty are practicing artists and scholars, who encourage deep thinking, prioritize close connections with students, and provide experiential opportunities that hinge on practical assignments.

Patrick Keating, M.F.A.,Ph.D.
Program Director
Professor, Communication
headshot of Althea Delwiche 2024
Althea Delwiche, Ph.D.
Professor, Communication
Rachel Joseph
Rachel Joseph, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Human Communication and Theatre
" "
Curtis Swope, Ph.D.
Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures
Headshot of Rita E. Urquijo-Ruiz
Rita E. Urquijo-Ruiz, Ph.D.
Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures
Jie Zhang
Jie Zhang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Co-Director of East Asian Studies, Modern Languages and Literatures

Student Opportunities

Engage in San Antonio and Austin’s rich film scene

Lecture Series and Annual Events

Film Festivals
Students attend film festivals and showings throughout the year, including:

  • San Antonio Film Festival
  • Movies by Moonlight at Hemisfair Park
  • Cinema Tuesdays from Texas Public Radio
  • Austin Film Festival
  • South by Southwest Film

Stieren Arts Enrichment Series
This event brings to campus a distinguished array of outstanding leaders in the fields of art, music, drama, communication, literature, art history and aesthetics. Trinity departments regularly bring in performers and speakers ranging from filmmakers, graphic designers, and beyond.

View Upcoming Events

Student Projects

Students study principles of film through both theory and practice. Applying their findings, students may use state-of-the-art equipment through the Department of Communication--including cameras, sound and lighting equipment, updated editing software, and an in-house computer lab with both Macs and PCs.

Student Organizations

TigerTV puts students on camera, in the writing room, in the director’s chair, and behind the camera. With renovated digital HD facilities, TigerTV’s state-of-the art studios include broadcast-quality, high-definition equipment. Joining this team connects you to a tight-knit, supportive community.

Service Learning

Many faculty have ties to off-campus art and film organizations and can assist students in finding internships in San Antonio, Austin, and across the country. Students often participate in numerous film festivals on campus and in the wider San Antonio community.


When You Graduate

Headlining their career field

Graduates leave Trinity with the ability to think deeply both about film and culture. They possess an array of digital skills that are useful for a broad range of careers or graduate studies. 


Tigers bring excellent technical skills and creativity to any workplace—and many have created their own by becoming independent filmmakers and producers. Their liberal arts backgrounds give them strong creative writing skills that apply to a versatile set of career prospects.

Graduate Schools or Programs:

  • Film and History
  • Film Production
  • Screen Writing

Career Areas:

  • Film TV Industry
  • Graphic Design
  • Journalism and Broadcasting


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