Requirements for the major

Core business curriculum:

The core business curriculum includes courses that may reside within the Michael Neidorff School of Business or in some other discipline and are foundational to all majors in the School.

All Neidorff School of Business majors require the following classes (37 hours):

  1. One of MATH-1305 or MATH-1311
  2. ECON-1311, ECON-1312
  3. ACCT-1301
  4. One of BAT-1101 or BAT-1102
  5. BAT-2301, BAT-2302, BAT-3301
  6. BUSN-3302, BUSN-4301
  7. MGMT-2301
  8. MKTG-2301
  9. FNCE-3301

Note: ECON-1311 and ECON-1312 may not be taken on a pass/fail basis

Other general requirements:
  1. Completion of an approved study abroad experience or the successful completion of a modern foreign language course numbered 2302 or its equivalent.
  2. Completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 120 credit hours.
Degree Requirements

The total number of credit hours from courses particular to this degree plan is 61 (37 hours from core business curriculum + 24 hours from specific courses).

Completion of this major involves the general requirements for admission, the core business curriculum, other general requirements and:

  1. Accounting major required courses (18 hours):  ACCT-1302, ACCT-3341, ACCT-3342, ACCT-3343, ACCT-3344, and ACCT-4344
  2. Elective courses (6 hours): Students must complete at least six hours of business electives that may include three hours of internship credit or any other upper division non-core course offered or cross-listed by any department in the Neidorff School of Business. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to select courses that offer significant experiential components. Please note that while students can earn up to six hours of internship credit to count towards the total 120 hours needed to graduate, only three of these internship hours will count towards the elective credit hours required for degree purposes.


  • Although not a requirement for the major, the norm is that students complete a paid internship (ACCT-4397) during their senior year. Because the sequencing of courses is critical for students to be able to do so and to otherwise complete the academic requirements for the B.S. degree in four years, the following guidance is provided:
    • Year 1 & 2: Students should enroll in ACCT-1301, ACCT-1302. Students are strongly encouraged to wait until at least the spring semester of Year 1 to enroll in ACCT-1301. Students who intend to study abroad as a part of their major requirements should plan on completing study abroad prior to their junior year or during a summer.
    • Junior: Fall semester – ACCT-3341, ACCT-3343; Spring semester – ACCT-3342, ACCT-3344.
    • Senior: Fall semester – ACCT-4344; Spring semester – ACCT-4397 or ACCT-4697*, BUSN-4301 and an Upper Division Non-Core Business Elective.
  • Note that a student intern will be enrolled for a maximum of 12 hours during the spring semester of their senior year. Spring internships are typically full time and run from early January until mid-March. Upon completion of the internship, and assuming additional credit hours/courses are still needed to graduate, students may take an additional six credit hours that will be offered in an accelerated mini-mester. Typically, the only courses offered in the mini-mester are BUSN-4301 and an upper division non-core business elective. Therefore, it is imperative that a minimum of 108 credit hours have been completed by the end of the fall semester senior year and that the two courses listed above are the only remaining courses necessary to complete degree requirements.
  • Prospective students should also note that the State of Texas requires that a CPA candidate complete a minimum of 150 credit hours in order to take the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination. This major only partially satisfies those educational requirements, so a student intending to sit for the CPA exam will also need to complete graduate study in accounting. The Department of Accounting in the Neidorff School of Business offers a two-semester Master of Science in Accounting degree program which, in combination with the B.S. in accounting, completes the credit hour and course requirements for CPA candidacy. Students interested in learning more about the accounting program should contact the Chair of the Department of Accounting for additional information.

*Depending upon additional hours needed to meet the 120 total credit hours required to graduate.

For full admission to any Neidorff School of Business major (B.Sc. or B.A.), students must first complete the following courses from the core business curriculum with grades of C or better:

  1. One of MATH-1305 or MATH-1311
  2. ACCT-1301
  3. ECON-1311
  4. BAT-2301

Note: Department Chairs may grant provisional acceptance if it is apparent that an applicant can meet the requirements for full acceptance by the end of the semester in which application is made.

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