Annual Fund Donor Roll
HCADAA and HCAD Department Appreciate HCAD Donors
Saturday, June 9, 2018

HCADAA and HCAD Department Appreciate HCAD Donors

The HCADAA and the HCAD department extend special thanks to HCAD graduates and friends who donated to the HCAD annual fund campaign during the year ending May 2018.

Please see the names of these donors who contributed during the second annual campaign from June 2017-May 2018 in the following list.  

Nearly 120 donors gave $55,728.88 this year, including $49,424.01 toward unrestricted gifts and the remainder toward endowed accounts.

Thank you to each of you for your continued commitment and dedication to strengthening the HCAD program and providing quality educational and networking opportunities to its students, alumni, and faculty. 

Donor Roll


Kenneth F. Wilhelm, 1970
J. Stuart Poston, 1970
James F. Weadick, 1971
Lt. Col. Jerry D. Cauley, MSC USAF, 1971
Gordon W. Hawthorne, 1974
Lucas A. Snipes, FACHE, 1974
Charles H. Quereau, 1975
Ray J. Chappelle, FACHE, 1975

John A. Guest, 1975
Thomas E. Hoerl, 1976
Markettea J. Beneke, 1977
Alan Campbell, FACHE, 1978
Patrick A. Murray, FACHE, 1978
Gerald B. Stepman, 1979
William C. Garrett, Jr., 1979


William M. Gracey, FACHE, 1980
Stephen K. Givens, 1982
Larry M. Graham, 1982
David B. Darden, FACHE, 1983
Steve Mendoza, 1983
Rick W. Merrill, 1984
Stephen E. Lang, 1984

Louis E. Kuntz, FACHE, 1985
William M. Schlotter, 1985
Steven L. Smith, 1987
Diana C. liese, 1987
Jeanne Nagy, 1987
Karl D. Hittle, FACHE, 1989


Michael J. McBride, FACHE, 1990
Joan L. Hicks, 1991
James D. Moore, 1992
John M. Haupert, FACHE, 1992
Michael A. Lieb, FACHE, 1992
Gregory A. Seiler, 1992
Edward O. Lent III, 1992
James R. Resendez, 1992
Corinne S. Smith, JD, FACHE, 1994
Samuel G. Maley, 1994
Charles L. Spicer, 1995
Jim R. Kendrick, Jr., 1995
Bryan T. Croft, 1995
Reza A. Kaleel, 1995
Elizabeth Ford, 1996

Jefferey T. Brockette, 1996
Michael D. Beaver, 1997
Marc R. Strode, FACHE, 1998
Kevin M. Ormand, FACHE, 1998
Matt S. Chance, FACHE, 1998
M. Corey Ridgway, 1998
James C. Bohnsack, 1999
James B. Brown, FACHE, 1999
Reza A. Kaleel, 1999
Dale M. Flowers, 1999


Jennifer L. Malatek, FACHE, 2000   
Jennifer Garza, 2001  
Tiffany D. Gold, 2003   
Julie Q. Do, 2003    
Sally A. Hurt-Deitch, 2003   
Robert W. Martin, Jr., 2003    
Michael P. Roussos, 2003    
Blake A. Allison, FACHE, 2003    
George A. Durgin, Jr.,2004    
Eric N. Reichle, 2004  
Malisha S. Patel, FACHE, 2004   
Swati Gupta, 2004

Heidi J. Pandya, 2005
Rashna Barge, 2005
Finny C. Mathew, 2006
Nicole A. Banister, FACHE, 2006
Brett H. Emmett, 2006
Yang Chen, 2006
Kyle Swift, 2006
Justin K. Kendrick, 2006
Fraser S. Hay, FACHE, 2007
Sarah E. Guerard, 2008
J.P. Bartonico, 2008
Allison K. Newport, 2009


Riley W. Waddell, 2010
Jared C. Shelton, 2010
Roy Finch, 2010
Sonja J. Hughes, 2011
Elizabeth A. Wellborn, 2011
John H. Adams, 2012
Andre I. Storey, 2012
Blake J. Piro, 2012
Keith W. Plowden, 2013
Hannah T. Tupper, 2014
Tripp Lyles, 2015
McKenzie M. Quinn, 2015
Patra C. Katsigiannis, 2015
Caroline L. Kirk, 2016
Livia M. Istrate, 2016
Rhett D. Fricke, 2016

Brittany N. Hjalmquist, 2016
Oluyinka O. Sokunbi, 2016
Ryan W. Swensen, 2017
Christina N. Majdalani, 2017
Mark B. Gorham, 2017
Emily B. Dykes, 2017
Jamie A. Merriam, 2017
Steven A. Jones, 2017
Nicklaus R. Petro, 2017
Jonathan T. Ward, 2017
Carolina Hernandez, 2017
James R. Clark, 2017
Jose A. Echavarria, 2017
W. Brad Whitmer, 2017

Faculty, Staff, Others   

Mary E. Stefl
Edward J. Schumacher
Jody R. Rogers
Patrick D. Shay
Bradley M. Beauvais

Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

HCA Foundation
Leta McFarlin Chapman Memorial Trust
LPL Financial
Patrick Pringle
Debra F. Press
Jan Studer

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