Study Abroad & Field Projects Experience Through Doing

There are several Study Abroad and field project opportunities for Sociology and Anthropology students.

Study Abroad

International Perspective Close Up

The department encourages students to study abroad in order to gain the international perspective that is so important in today's global society. Students are placed internationally based upon their personal and professional goals.

Default: Sarah Davis Sweden


Interested in gender studies, sociology major Sarah Davis learned about the differences between sex work and sex trafficking, and how the two are often conflated. 

Group of students in Nicaragua


Students and faculty exploring Los Guatuzos Bioreserve in southern Nicaragua.

Student Michelle Nguyen posing with beads in China


This photo shows Michelle Nguyen during her study abroad experience in China helping her host grandma sort out the red beans to sold.

Group of students pose in front of Maya site in Belize


Kayla Padilla, Camille Johnson, and other anthropology students visiting a Maya site in Belize during a summer archaeological field school.

Students gather along a river bank in Nicaragua


Students and faculty on the banks of the Rio Negro in Nicaragua.

Get Started

The Study Abroad Office can help you find an opportunity based on your interests and/or studies. 

Study Abroad Office


Field Trips and Projects

Digging up to rediscover

Getting experience in the field is a way to enhance in-class instruction. The department coordinates several field trips throughout the year allowing students to observe, discover, excavate, research, assist, and work with peers and faculty on a variety of projects in a real-world setting.

Local area field trips: 

  • Prehistoric Archaeology went on a dig at Rancho de las Cabras near San Antonio
  • Ancient Mayan and Pre-Columbian art at the San Antonio Museum of Art

Student Connor Halber in Alaska


Anthropology major Connor Halbert excavating in Alaska on an archaeological field project.