Intellectual, Cultural, and Scientific Inspiration

The Center for International Engagement brings together study abroad and Trinity-sponsored faculty-led programs, international student and scholar services, and support for international students and faculty.

a large group of Trinity students and faculty pose with a banner in front of an historic site in Madrid, Spain

Study Abroad

Study Abroad is dedicated to helping students explore the joys of our complex, international world. Students develop their understanding of global issues and perspectives through study options that promote intercultural learning as an integral part of a Trinity undergraduate degree.

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four women pose and smile during the international student reception in Chapman Great Hall

International Student and Scholar Services

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) serves Trinity students and faculty on F, J, and H-1B visas, organizes events and activities to facilitate campus internationalization, and houses Trinity's DHS-approved Designated School Officials to keep Trinity University in compliance with federal regulations.


three students smiling and talking together at a Friends of Trinity International Students event

Friends of Trinity International Students

Friends of Trinity International Students is a cooperative effort between the CIE and volunteers in the local community, connecting international students with community members,  faculty, and staff in a cultural exchange.

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