Application Deadline

  Award Type


  Award Amount

Full Tuition and $5000 stipend


First Year


Full-tuition scholarship for students interested in studying STEM fields at Trinity.
A select group of applicants will be invited as finalists for Semmes Scholar Day, where two or three outstanding incoming first-year students will become Semmes Distinguished Scholars in Science. 

This scholarship includes a $5,000 stipend to be used for research support, professional travel, materials and supplies.


  Who is eligible:

Undergraduate, entering First-Year students

  Who is not eligible:

Transfer, continuing, or graduate students

Test scores:

Standardized Test Scores (Optional)
Trinity does not have a preference for ACT or SAT. Trinity uses the highest test scores for each test and subtests submitted for consideration.


Awards are determined based on the official high school transcript and rigor of curriculum. Core GPAs are recalculated on an unweighted 4.0 scale.

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  How to Apply

 Separate application required.


Apply to Trinity by Early Decision or Early Action

Apply for Trinity undergraduate admission through Early Decision I (ED) or Early Action (EA).

Applicants who apply for regular admission will be considered on a case-by-case basis and award amounts may not reflect the levels indicated.


Nov. 1, 2021


Submit the Semmes Scholars Application

The Semmes Scholarship requires an application and an expanded resume in addition to your application for admission to Trinity University.

Begin Application Preview the questions Preview sample resumes


Nov. 8, 2021


Finalists attend Semmes Scholars Day

After review of all applications, a select group of applicants will be invited as finalists for Semmes Scholar Day.


Spring 2022

  Important Details

Selection Criteria
  • Consideration will be given through the standard admissions process.
  • Recipients are selected without regard to income.
Renewal Information
  • Applicants must declare interest in majoring in a STEM field at Trinity
  • Renewable annually for up to 8 semesters
  • Award recipients must maintain satisfactory academic progress and at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Academic progress is reviewed at the end of each academic year.
  • Must be enrolled full-time for each semester
Additional Details
  • Semmes Scholars are not eligible to receive other institutional grants or scholarships
  • Scholarships are applied toward fall and spring tuition only, and are not available for summer study
  • Scholarships do not require repayment.


Application process and admission:

Adam Urbach
Director of the Semmes Scholars Program
Department of Chemistry

All other financial aid inquiries:

Student Financial Services
Northrup Hall, Room 108