Sustainability is a Priority for Trinity University

Sustainability is integrated into the academic curriculum and the Director of Campus Planning and Sustainability and Sustainability Committee work together to also incorporate sustainability into the University’s buildings and everyday practices for a better present and future.

Student carrying a wheel barrow to pick up recycling


Sustainability Director and Committee

As the Director of Sustainability, John Scherding leads initiatives and programs for long-term sustainability efforts at Trinity University. In addition, the Sustainability Committee—composed of faculty members, students, administrators, representatives from food-service provider Aramark, and campus planning officers—assesses opportunities to support a range of sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability in the Campus Master Plan

Trinity University’s campus master plan includes several features that will contribute to the University’s broader sustainability initiatives moving into the future, such as:


  • increasing open space area
  • reducing the heat island effect
  • creating opportunities for on-site stormwater management
  • reducing the need for automobile commuting with more on-campus housing and activities
  • creating new green spaces and gardens on campus
Trinity community food forest sign on campus in front of the student community garden