• My academic areas of interest are focused on how individuals acculturated under "non-democratic" regimes develop favorable dispositions toward political participation and democracy. At the moment, my work is concentrated on Mexico and its new democracy. However, recently I have also been doing work on Latino immigration. Here, my particular area of study is how immigrants are adapting to the political system, and what effect they will likely have on American democracy.

    • Ph.D. - Purdue University  

    I have a manuscript under review called Candidate-Centered Campaigning and the Incorporation of Immigrants into the U.S. Party System.

    • Comparative Politics
    • Latin American Politics
    • Mexican Politics
    • Latino political participation
    • Research Methods  

    I enjoy working and mentoring future researchers. Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the McNair program and loved the experience. McNair pairs young promising scholars and academics with the goal of fostering a deep appreciation for knowledge. It is so very rewarding to work with young enthusiastic students.