Reimagining Digital

A focus on quality, accessibility, and use of data

Trinity’s Digital Transformation (DX) program will reimagine and reform the core technical platforms, inaugurating a new era of digital campus management. Intuitive, integrated data systems and streamlined workflows will supersede outdated technology systems, better positioning Trinity to achieve its mission and meet the needs of the University community. 

Goals and Focus Points

Primary goal: replace outdated enterprise systems with ones that will improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and end user satisfaction of processes within core systems.

Goal 1:  Improve self-service and satisfaction rates across campus 

Goal 2:  Increase student retention and graduation rates

Goal 3: Cultivate lasting relationships with students and alumni

Goal 4: Inform and bolster data-based decision-making

There are six primary focus points of the DX program: 

Questions and Contact

For requests for additional information, questions, comments, concerns, or other feedback concerning the DX program, please email

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Program Core Team

Program Steering Committee (Functional Leads)

Program Steering Committee (Faculty Representatives)