An Investment in Student Success.

The SIS is the data backbone serving the University’s core educational mission. 

This implementation will also give staff and faculty the tools to do their jobs more effectively and alleviate critical pain points, in pursuit of removing barriers for students as they navigate essential University practices, e.g., class registration, view student account activity, and degree audit. 

Whether recording grades, tracking progress towards a degree, establishing financial aid eligibility, or housing Residential Life information, the SIS will make sure that all student-related data is easily accessible in one place.

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Areas of Focus



 Student Financials and Financial Aid

 Academic Core 


 Records and Reporting

 Recruitment and Admissions


Student Information is a two-year project with several phases and workstreams. This project is multi-year because it effects all areas of the University from student records to curriculum to financial aid.

Additionally, the timeline aligns with the academic calendar to help ensure we do not overstretch faculty and staff during peak times during the semester. 

Spring 2023 | Planning

Resources are dedicated for functional leads in Focus Areas (Financial Aid, Registrar, etc.) and backfills in place to alleviate operational overload.

Summer 2023 | Architect

This stage is where key decisions will be made about how the system will be built. Input from the functional leads and subject matter experts will inform these decisions

Fall 2023 | Configure

Initial configuration and testing of integrations. Current processes will be assessed in Focus Areas to outline improvement opportunities prior to building inefficient processes into Workday.

Spring 2024 | Prototype and Test

System configurations and user scenarios will be tested by the functional leads, subject matter experts in the focus areas, along with groups of students, faculty, and staff. Testing groups will get their hands “in the system.”

Summer 2024 | Implement

User scenarios, permissions, security, and configuration is ready for full implementation and final testing. Training will also occur in this stage.

Fall 2025 | Go Live and Sustainment

Requirements of the SIS will go live in September 2025. This will not be perfect at Go Live. However, the team will continue to train, improve, test, and solicit feedback to better understand campus satisfaction.

Key Dates to Remember

September 2023
Campus Expectations & Change Readiness Survey

July 2024
A pause on curriculum changes from July 2024-June 2025 during Workday implementation stage

October 2023
Report of Findings from Expectations & Change Readiness Assessment
Faculty and Staff volunteers needed to test user scenarios


Project Status

Week Ending Workstream Current Status
10/6/23 Curriculum & Academic Advising   On-track
10/6/23 Financial Aid   On-track
10/6/23 Student Financials   On-track
10/6/23 Student Records   On-track
10/6/23 Academic Foundation & Core   On-track
10/6/23 Student Recruiting & Admissions   On-track


What to Expect

System to Be Replaced:

Trinity’s current student information system stack through the implementation of Workday-Student:

  • Tigerpaws
  • Colleague UI
  • Self-Service
  • UAchieve (degree audit system)
Systems That are Staying:

There will be 80+ source system integrations into Workday-Student delivering increased end-to-end process automation. Notable ones are:

  • Slate CRM
  • Touchnet
  • PowerFAIDS

Before Go-Live  

  1. Pre-Planning and alignment

    Pre-planning and alignment will be led by business process leaders from the functional business areas.

  2. Resource assessment

    Backfill positions will be in place at the onset of the project to manage resources and avoid overwhelming the core SIS team members.

  3. Review current processes

    A review of current processes will outline how to improve the systems prior to final implementation.

  4. Campus Training

After Go-Live

  1. Continuous assessment and improvement 

  2. Training and Support

    Ongoing training, support, and reinforcement of how to use the system

  3. Communication and engagement

  • Enterprise system implementations are never perfect on day 1. We expect this to be the case, and will work to ensure you have the support you need as you learn the ins and outs of Workday-Student. Continuous improvement is part of our post-launch sustainment plan, so expect to have avenues to provide feedback and share your experiences.

Improved Processes  

Workday SIS will deliver improvements that will benefit you, your department, and the entire Trinity community. 

The system will:
  • Shift data collection from paper-driven to electronic forms, reducing the overall University reliance on paper for management of student, class, and related data.
  • Manage student / course registration processes
  • Record grades at mid-semester and end of term
  • Encode Courses of Study Bulletin (CoSB) and other academic policy requirements
  • House course and schedule planning data
  • Generate academic performance and behavioral alerts early, then action trigger(s) for Student Success and other processes
  • Record GPA and progress toward degree markers
  • Establish institutional and financial aid eligibility
  • Record disciplinary notations as required by law
  • Serve as the academic data hub for Student Success analytics and degree audits
  • Generate student and alumni transcripts
  • Serve as the academic repository of record for all compliance and accreditation reporting
  • Provide input to student billing

Meet the SIS Team

Project Team
  • Jennifer Henderson, SIS Project Sponsor and Associate Vice President Academic Affairs: Student Success, Academic Affairs
  • Harry Hirsch, project manager
  • Michelle Bartonico, organizational change management
  • Carlton Hendrix, DX program director
Functional Leads

Academic Foundational Leads: 

  • All team

Recruiting and Admissions Lead: Valerie Schweers

Student Financials Lead: Clara Wells

Student Records Lead: Sarah Iverson

Curriculum & Advisory Leads:

  • Lapétra Bowman
  • Sarah Iverson

Financial Aid Leads: 

  • Lonnie Rodriquez
  • Christina Pikla

Reporting Lead: Frances Frey

Integrations and Security Lead: Ender Ergun

Program Steering Committee (Faculty Representatives)
  • Althea Delwiche, Ph.D.
  • Robert Scherer, Ph.D.
  • Diana Young, Ph.D.