Easing the Transition
Fund provides support for student essentials beyond tuition and fees
Wednesday, November 13, 2019
dorm room photo with One Trinity campaign logo

In August, approximately 600 new first-year students walked into a residential hall and opened the door to their new room, bare except for a bed and a bureau. Most of these students unzipped duffle bags and unpacked everything they needed to make it a comfortable home away from home—sheets and towels, clothes hangers, power strip, laundry basket, and toiletries. 

But for some students, purchasing these basic necessities presents a financial burden. Tuition is just one of many expenses associated with starting college. With long textbook lists for challenging courses, fees associated with labs or studio classes, and transportation costs associated with internships or jobs, students shouldn't also have to worry about how they can afford sheets on their beds at night. 

To help with these costs and alleviate some of the stress associated with living on a tight budget, Trinity established the Transition Fund in spring 2019. It provides students who have demonstrated high financial need with basic necessities when they arrive on campus—like those on the list above, as well as a Trinity blanket. Eligible students can opt in, and the items will be waiting for them when they arrive at their residence hall on move-in day.

Our students come to campus with many demands on their resources, and we want to be sure to support them as they launch their time at Trinity with the necessities to succeed.

Margaret Miller helped tell Trinity's story as a member of the University communications team.

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