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The Gift of Education
Giving to and through Trinity enables access to an experiential education like no other
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

“For many students, a scholarship is a ticket to tomorrow,” says Mike Bacon ’89, vice president for Alumni Relations and Development. “The range of life experiences and cultural diversity these recipients bring to Trinity enriches our community and lead to remarkable accomplishments.”

Consider the many unique opportunities that Trinity offers—attention from faculty in small group settings, experiential learning through internships and once-in-a-lifetime study abroad opportunities, undergraduate research, entrepreneurship, and so much more. These experiences have produced leaders and change-makers driven by a sense of duty to themselves and to the world. Students choose Trinity because of its differentiators, and scholarships allow access to everything the University has to offer. With generous donor support, every qualified student can access these extraordinary opportunities and a Trinity education. 

The Trinity Fund serves all students, and, unlike endowments or restricted gifts, scholarships are available immediately for the undergraduates who need them the most. Scholarships empower students to explore their passions and allow students to live fully into their Trinity experiences. When students receive financial assistance, they can focus on their studies and future instead of focusing on how to pay for it.

Ensuring access to a Trinity education is essential to the University’s mission of empowering purpose for life. Trinity students are some of the best and brightest in the nation, and your gifts provide them access to the educational opportunities that distinguish the Trinity experience. With more than 93 percent of the University’s 2,400 undergraduate students supported by scholarships, your gift to the Trinity Fund ensures that deserving students of all backgrounds have full access to a Trinity education.

Margaret Miller helped tell Trinity's story as a member of the University communications team.

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